Bo Peep Returns In New Toy Story 4 Teaser

This summer we'll see the return of some old friends with the gang from the Toy Story franchise returns to our screens. While many will be happy to see the likes of Woody and Buzz once again, they won't be the only classic characters returning. Bo Peep, who was MIA during Toy Story 3 is set to return, and now we have our first look at the character. Check her out below.

Bo Peep has herself a whole new look. While the last we saw of her in Toy Story 2, she was dressed in the pink bonnet and full length dress, she has apparently traded that in for a more sensible set of clothes. We probably wouldn't see her spin around on her shepherd's crook like that in her old attire.

In Toy Story 3, Bo Peep received nothing more than a brief mention as one of the toys that had been lost between the second and third installments. We got no story as to where she went or why. The implication was that she'd been thrown away or given away, as many old toys are. It sounds, based on information released by Disney, that Bo Peep may have simply left Andy's house on her own to go looking for adventure.

The early word on Toy Story 4 was that the film would actually be focusing on the romance between Bo Peep and Woody, and the plot will deal with our favorite's cowboy's attempt to reunite with his lost love. We knew that Toy Story 4 had gone through significant story changes over time, and whether or not that was the plan for the plot initially, it now seems that's not quite the case.

Instead, based on a new synopsis that's been released alongside this look at Bo Peep, it appears that the toy's road trip happens because Bonnie brings them along on her family vacation. Woody and Peep seeing each other again sounds like it's more of a coincidence, and while the pair may be happy to see each other again, things have changed a great deal for each of them during the last few years.

Along with the first look on Disney's twitter, the studio has also released a new character poster for Bo Peep that makes her look ready to go out on a new adventure at any moment. How exactly Bo Peep, who is canonically a lamp, was able to change her outfit, is a question best answered by whoever knows where baby Cars come from.

Bo Peep in Toy Story 4 poster

Our first looks at the new film focused on brand new characters like the Tony Hale voiced Forky and a pair of carnival prizes played by Key and Peele. These new characters and all of our old friends will be back  for Toy Story 4 this June.

Dirk Libbey
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