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Luke on Crait

Star Wars is arguably the biggest franchise in film history, with generations of fans dating back to 1977's A New Hope. As such, the fandom is extremely passionate about the galaxy far, far away. And after Disney acquired Lucasfilm, moviegoers were delighted to see a variety of new projects coming to the silver screen, including both standalone films and main installments. J.J. Abrams' upcoming Episode IX will complete the Saga Skywalker forever, while wrapping up the narrative he began with The Force Awakens.

Star Wars fans are absolutely ravenous for any information regarding Episode IX, as Lucasfilm has been keeping its cards close to the chest. Almost nothing has been revealed, including the film's title, so it's starting to drive the fandom a bit stir crazy, as new theories and questions pop up everyday. Mark Hamill recently addressed the theories in on Twitter, posting:

Sorry, nerf herders. Mark Hamill has learned to keep Star Wars secrets over the course of his long career, so don't expect him to spill the beans regarding Episode IX's contents. And we all know how much he loves to troll the fans.

Mark Hamill's tweet is just the latest example of the 67 year-old actor directly speaking with the Star Wars community. Hamill is no doubt being constantly accosted with moviegoers hoping to get an idea of what to expect from Episode IX. And with fan theories becoming so viral, he's heard it all regarding the final installment of the Skywalker story. But Hamill isn't trying to get in trouble with the folks over at Disney, so mum is the word for Luke Skywalker.

The Star Wars franchise is always one that has relied heavily on plot twists and secrets. Darth Vader's reveal during Empire Strikes Back shook the moviegoing world when it hit theaters, and there's been plenty of reveals and shocking deaths in both the prequels and current sequel trilogy. Mark Hamill has had to keep Star Wars secrets since he was a young actor, so don't expect any spoilers to come from his social media account.

Mark Hamill's recent post addresses some of the most popular questions and theories surrounding the contents of Episode IX. Luke's role in The Last Jedi threw people for a loop, especially the character's jaded personality and new Force abilities. As such, there are still tons of follow ups regarding that appearance, and Luke's mysterious role in Episode IX. Maybe he didn't die, maybe he'll be a Force Ghost, and maybe there will be flashbacks. There's no telling what J.J. Abrams has up his sleeve, but the pressure is certainly on to deliver a satisfying conclusion.

All will be revealed when Star Wars Episode IX finally arrives in theaters on December 20th, 2019. In the meantime, be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.