Miley Cyrus Adorably Stepped In For Hospitalized Liam Hemsworth At Isn't It Romantic Premiere

Liam Hemsworth co-stars in the new Rebel Wilson-led romantic comedy, Isn't it Romantic, which opens this Friday. The film had its World Premiere last night, which was a chance for the stars of the movie to strut their stuff. Unfortunately, Hemsworth was ill and could not attend the event. In his stead, his new wife, one Miley Cyrus, attended the premiere, and proceeded to stun pretty much everybody in attendance.

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Liam Hemsworth is suffering from kidney stones, which prevented from attending this weekend's Grammy awards with his wife, as well as making it to his own film premiere. Miley Cyrus is more than capable, however, and so she decided to handle both events solo. She posted the above image of herself to Instagram with a message of recovery for Hemsworth, while he in turn posted the Instagram image below, with an apology for not being able to attend himself, but thanking his lovely wife for standing in for him.

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For her part, Isn't it Romantic star Rebel Wilson didn't seem to mind that she got Miley Cyrus at her premiere instead of Liam Hemsworth. Based on the images of the two performers together, they had a pretty good time without him. Could this be the beginning of a new Hollywood friendship? Or possibly the next great buddy comedy?

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Isn't it Romantic follows Rebel Wilson as a woman who has given up on love, before finding herself at the center of her romantic comedy. Which is to say, the world around here transforms into the sorts of tropes that we associate with the genre. It's an interesting idea for creating a rom-com, while still finding something to say about the genres' quirks and pitfalls. Liam Hemsworth will play one of two love interest characters for Wilson.

Romantic comedies in general seem to be making something of a comeback. Crazy Rich Asians made waves, and box office dollars by bringing back the genre with an all Asian cast. Last December we saw Jennifer Lopez star in Second Act, which didn't set any records but wasn't without its fans. While only a couple of examples, they're a couple more than we've seen in recent years.

Hopefully Liam Hemsworth will be back on his feet soon. Until then, he can be seen in Isn't it Romantic starting Friday, and Miley Cyrus can be seen, well, pretty much everywhere else.

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