Wait, Did Rebel Wilson Hint At Pitch Perfect 4?

If you saw Pitch Perfect 3 sometime after it hit theaters last spring, you probably already know the third movie in what is currently a trilogy really wraps things up for the movie's major characters. Each of the ladies in the a cappella troupe has plans for the future that give them goals beyond singing competitions. Still, the franchise actresses love spending time together and some of the leading ladies have already stated they would be happy to see Pitch Perfect 4 happens. Therefore, when Rebel Wilson took to social media to share this fun reunion photo, I got super pumped. But take a look yourself.

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In the image, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow and Chrissie Fit are hanging out and throwing up the number four as part of Anna and Skylar's birthday celebration, which of course led to Wilson's fanbase speculating that Pitch Perfect 4 might be on the way. Unfortunately, Wilson's post doesn't explicitly state another movie could all be happening. In fact, for all we know the four could simply imply the four women who posed for the Pitch Perfect-oriented picture.

Still, Rebel Wilson had to have known exactly what she was doing when she posted a picture with some of the Pitch Perfect 3 ladies and the number four. When Pitch Perfect 3 came out, there was some question as to whether or not there would be enough interest for a third film to pull a major profit. While the third movie did gross fewer dollars than the second movie, it brought in over $184 million worldwide on a $45 million dollar budget--more than the $115 million the first movie made worldwide. So, there could definitely be an appetite for another movie and we already know The Bellas love working together.

In fact, Pitch Perfect 3 director Trish Sie has already spoken out about why the franchise deserves another movie, noting a few months ago that the franchise doesn't suck and should continue until the movies start dropping in quality. Anna Kendrick has also been happy to speak out about wanting another movie, as well, and from the looks of these images some of the other actresses are into the idea too.

The real question would be where a fourth movie could go, given we've seen The Barden Bellas compete in college multiple times and then on a USO tour. It's difficult for me to come up with a plot that would enable the women to reunite on the big screen once more, but that may just be why I'm not a comedy screenwriter. In real life, the Pitch Perfect leads do reunite on the regular, and in general the franchise has always been about the chemistry the women in the group have on the big screen (and clearly in real life.) Because they dynamic is what draws people in, a lot of fans would probably be happy to see a Pitch Perfect 4. (Especially if the next movie brings Bumper back, amiright?) Now, we just need to wait for Universal to announce it. Stay tuned, and see what's hitting theaters coming up with our full schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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