The Frozen 2 Trailer Just Shattered A Huge Animation Record

Remember back when Frozen became a cultural phenomenon. Well, audiences aren’t letting it go! Thursday morning, the first trailer for the film’s highly-anticipated sequel dropped and a lot of people tuned in to a catch the first glimpse of Disney animation’s big holiday release. In 24 hours, Frozen 2 became the most viewed animation trailer of all time, and the studio is celebrating. Check it out:

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That’s right, buzz around the first Frozen 2 trailer snowballed into a record-breaking 116.4 million views in one day’s time, per Disney’s Frozen 2 Twitter. It has crushed The Incredibles 2, which previously held the highest number of 113.6 million.

After fans have been getting the cold shoulder concerning anything Frozen 2 related as the studio gears up for its many other exciting releases, the first look is here! The two-minute trailer teased an intense follow-up to the 2013 musical, as Elsa attempts to cross intense ocean waves by using her powers, Kristoff leads a pack of reindeer and Anna grabs a dagger and slices the screen at an unseen threat.

The trailer also introduced two new mysterious characters, which some speculate to be Anna and Kristoff’s kids, while others believe it to be Anna and Elsa’s parents in a flashback. Overall, the beauty of the trailer’s release is how little it actually tells audiences about what to expect from Frozen 2, except for introducing a new tone, setting and showing images that pique interest without offering much context.

It’s no surprise Frozen 2 is sparking so much interest months ahead of its release. Frozen is still Disney Animation’s highest-grossing movie to date. The 2013 musical earned over $1.27 billion at the box office worldwide and Olaf knows how much else in toy sales.

After the previous record-holder, Incredibles 2, released its much-watched first look, it went on to become the top-earning animation film ever at the domestic box office. I’m betting Frozen 2 might be bumping Frozone down to second place after it hits theaters this November.

Disney has celebrated a couple other 24-hour record-breaking trailer drops recently. The 90-second teaser to the upcoming live-action Lion King was released on Thanksgiving Day and was watched 224.6 million times in one day, becoming the most-viewed Disney trailer. A few weeks later, the much-awaited trailer for Avengers: Endgame dropped with 289 million pairs of eyes on it during its debut, breaking the all-time in history trailer debut view record.

There’s a lot to be excited about concerning Frozen 2, such as who will Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown be playing? What will the new songs sound like? Why is Elsa steadfast on going beyond those waves? The animated sequel hits theaters on November 22.

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