John Krasinski Reveals Release Date For A Quiet Place Part 2

The horror genre has been in a serious renaissance over the past few years, with new and exciting properties hitting theaters to critical and box office acclaim. One of these most recent hits came from the mind of John Krasinski, as A Quiet Place delivered an emotionally driven, sensory thriller that made a ton of money and earned universal acclaim. Calls for a potential sequel quickly followed, especially given the film's ending. And while Krasinski has been open about his interest, he surprised everyone today by revealing a release date and potential title.

John Krasinski took to social media to share the news, posting on Twitter about A Quiet Place's sequel, which looks like it will be called A Quiet Place Part II. Check it out below.

With a line not dissimilar to Jack's plea in Lost, John Krasinski confirmed that audiences will be going back to the apocalyptic world introduced in A Quiet Place. And by the looks of the image he posted, we'll specifically be returning to the Abbott family's house. So perhaps it will be a direct sequel to the acclaimed first movie. Does anyone else have chills?

John Krasinski might be primarily known for an actor in The Office and Amazon's Jack Ryan, but he made a big splash by directing himself and wife Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place. Rather than gore and lots of alien action, the film relied heavily on tone. The Abbotts were left seemingly alone in the vast quiet apocalypse, living a life of silence in order to avoid being ripped to shreds by mysterious alien creatures. The stakes for every scene remained sky high throughout the film, especially as things erupted into chaos. And the film's ending seemed to tease an exciting conflict to come.

Because by the end of the film, Evelyn and Regan figured out how to turn the tables on the terrifying monsters. Their weakness was ultimately their sensitive hearing, and the combination of a microphone, Regan's hearing aid, and a shotgun reduced one monster to smithereens. It was an exciting change in dynamics, and one that fans were hoping teased a second movie on the way.

Now that's been confirmed, and the project has even been given a release date on May 15th, 2020. This means development and filming for A Quiet Place's sequel will likely begin soon, to allow for the editing process . Furthermore, John Krasinski's tweet seemed to hint at the film's full title, as he paired the image with the hashtag #PartII. A Quiet Place Part II seems like a solid title, although no extensive release has been made public.

Evelyn during A Quiet Place's final shot

Horror fans and casual moviegoers alike will be happy to hear about A Quiet Place’s upcoming sequel. The apocalyptic drama made a whopping $340.9 million in theaters, and even earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Sound Editing. Considering how much of the film’s success relied on the sound itself, the Oscar nom is certainly warranted. Only time will tell if it takes home the trophy this coming Sunday at the ceremony.

When A Quiet Place first hit theaters, there was some talk that the film could earn some bigger Award Nominations, although 2018 ended up being a tight race for the Oscars and Golden Globes. Ultimately the score got a Globe nom, while Emily Blunt actually won a SAG Award for her performance as Evelyn. All together, it makes total sense that John Krasinski would follow up A Quiet Place with another movie.

Narratively, there seems like a variety of dynamics that could be mined from in order to make A Quiet Place Part II happen. Emily Blunt has some ideas herself, hoping to go back in time to see what The Abbotts were like before the world ended. While this might be difficult and require new young talent to play the three kids, it would certainly be fascinating to see what they used to be like, including how Regan’s hearing disability factored into the family dynamic before sound became the most dangerous thing in the world.

It should also be interesting to see how much John Krasinski will be acting in the Quiet Place sequel. Since his character Lee perished during the film’s third act in order to save his kids, smart money says he won’t be as major of an onscreen presence during the follow-up. This will likely give him the opportunity to focus even more fully on the writing and direction of the project.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Lee will be completely absent during the second A Quiet Place movie. He was so much apart of the blood of the first movie, so perhaps flashbacks or dream sequences will be used to bring John Krasinski’s character back on the screen. Still, his fate was seemingly decided when he screamed, and was promptly slaughtered by an alien so that Regan and Marcus could be spared. But not before he silently told his daughter that he loved her.

Interestingly enough, Regan’s hearing impairment ultimately ended up being her superpower in A Quiet Place’s final moments. The hearing aid that her father had been working on was actually painful for the alien creatures. And once she amplified those soundwaves, the creatures exposed the flesh under its armor, and were finally able to be killed. Evelyn cocked her shotgun in the final shot of the movie, so perhaps we’ll see the mother/daughter combo laying waste to the horrifying monsters.

While the contents of the developing movie are still a total mystery, John Krasinski’s tweet is going to make a lot of people happy. Both critics and casual audiences responded to A Quiet Place, even those who aren’t typically horror junkies. The film ultimately landed on an impressive 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an 83% critic score to boot.

A Quiet Place's sequel will hit theaters May 15th, and CinemaBlend will keep you updated as news from the upcoming movie arrives. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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