Anya Taylor-Joy Doesn't Seem To Know When The New Mutants Will Release Either

Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Heaton in a still from The New Mutants

The Disney-Fox deal has left a lot of question marks in the industry, and that includes that status of The New Mutants. The superhero-horror film has a release date for August this year, but there have been rumors and uncertainty that the movie will even release at all. It sounds like the actors of the film don't have many new details to offer either. Anya Taylor-Joy was asked about The New Mutants, but she could only say this...

That, uh, it's coming your way at some point! And my character is sassy as fuck and mental and Russian and crazy and I love her.

Anya Taylor-Joy shared that mini update last month while promoting Glass to The Upcoming, and if you check out the clip of her talk, you can see she gives this "What can I say?" expression when asked about The New Mutants:

Anya Taylor-Joy talks to The Upcoming

To be fair, actors are pretty limited on what they can and can't say about a movie they've worked on, and unless they were producers as well, they usually aren't privy to some of the bigger bits of information.

So, it's not that surprising that Anya Taylor-Joy doesn't (or can't) add much to what's going on with The New Mutants. When asked by The Upcoming about the movie, she could really only offer a quick update on her own character, Magik, who is "sassy as fuck and mental and Russian and crazy."

It doesn't seem like there are many people who can offer an update on The New Mutants. The film, directed by Josh Boone, was originally slated to premiere in April of last year. Then the movie was pushed back until February 2019 to give the movie time to film reshoots in order to make it more frightening. It was finally pushed back again until August.

People have followed the trail of the delays and it seems to point to the Disney-Fox deal. With the rights of the X-Men eventually making their way to Disney and Marvel, a giant question mark has been slapped on all of the in-development X-Men films. X-Men: Dark Phoenix has likewise been pushed back from its initial release date.

While that August release date is still intact, there has been a lack of any information about The New Mutants, from status updates, photos, or footage. If the film is releasing in August then we should have gotten something by now, and it's led to rumors that the film might not release in theaters at all, or that it will arrive later on Hulu.

Co-producer Lauren Shuler Donner told CinemaBlend at the Television Critics Award that she was told the film is intended for a theatrical release and that she was hopeful that the movie wouldn't be "thrown aside." However, her words suggested that she didn't know for certain.

As of now, The New Mutants has a release date of August 2, 2019. Whether it'll stick to that is unclear, but we'll be watching closely, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend and we'll be sure to keep you updated with more information as soon as it becomes available to us.

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