An Entire Theater Has Been Rented Out For Cancer Patients To See Avengers: Endgame

Groot Rocket and Thor in

A lot of people are looking forward to Avengers: Endgame but one group of good samaritans is looking to make the experience extra special for those suffering from cancer. One List One Life is an organization dedicated to helping people dealing with cancer accomplish "bucket list" items, and the group has now rented out an entire movie theater so that those dealing with cancer and other local children will have a chance to Endgame together. But that's not all the group wants to accomplish.

One particular person that One List One Life is trying to help is named Lexi and one of the top items on her bucket list is to meet a Marvel actor. To that end, the organization went to the great internet amplification device known as Reddit for help. The group isn't even banking on getting Lexi and a Marvel actor physically together, but is instead hoping that they get some personalized messages to Lexi by one or more of the members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The hope is that if the campaign gets enough social media traction, one of the Marvel actors will see it and be able to help out.

While getting one of the Marvel actors to do this might seem like a long shot, it may not be quite that crazy. We've seen the likes of Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddelston visiting sick kids in the hospital before. Chris Evans invited a kid who was dealing with bullying publicly to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere. Robert Downey Jr. once personally a delivered a "bionic" arm to a kid in need of a prosthesis.

Quite frequently, when the heroes of the MCU are called on, they become actual heroes. They all seem to have big hearts and are more than willing to do what they can when they can. There's a more than decent chance this could turn out quite nicely for all involved. The personal meeting may be a long shot, but it's not at all impossible.

Many on Reddit suggest simply tweeting the people themselves, as quite often that can be all it takes to get their attention. At the same time, they surely receive more tweets than one can count, making that far from a guarantee.

Worst case scenario, some people dealing with cancer have their seat at Avengers: Endgame already reserved. One List One Life has bought out a theater at the Studio Movie Grill near Sacramento, CA. Filling that theater certainly won't be difficult as there will likely be far too many who want to be part of this experience.

Stat tuned to CinemaBlend as we'll be keeping our eyes on this one to see if any of Earth's Mightiest Heroes arrive to save the day,

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