Watch Tom Holland Visit Sick Kids In His Spider-Man Costume

It's always touching to see the big names in Hollywood using their celebrity for a good cause. Tom Holland may be fairly new to the whole thing, but he's jumped in both feet, bringing Spider-Man to visit a bunch of kids who could use the emotional boost. The actor recently visited Children's Hospital in Los Angles in costume as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, check out the video below to see the kids he who had a better day because of it.

It's difficult to guess who had the better time during the visit, Tom Holland or the kids he was visiting. He really seems to enjoy meeting each of them. Holland introduces himself to each kid in full costume as Spider-Man before removing his mask and talking to each one as a real person. While we only see a few seconds of him with each child, he really seems to take time and sit with each one. It's quite touching.

In addition to the adorable video, we also get a chance to see the actual Spider-Man costume a bit more up close and personal then we really have before. At one point in the video Tom Holland explains to a child how his web shooters work, which are part of his costume, and also shows off his spare cartridges that he wears on his belt. In addition to that, we see that the Spider-Man costume is actually designed to be at least slightly adhesive. One child asks Holland if he can climb buildings and the actor shows that he can because his suit is sticky. To prove this he sticks a pen to his hand, which does get stuck there, which is a neat trick.

Tom Holland at Children's Hospital

This isn't the first time Tom Holland has visited sick kids as Spider-Man. Several months ago the actor visited a children's hospital in Georgia, not far from where Spider-Man: Homecoming was filming at Pinewood Studios. Holland is following in the footsteps of both several actors within the MCU who have used their status to make kids lives a little better, as well as other great actors like Mark Hamill, who it seems is visiting hospitals once a week.

It's great to see Tom Holland taking the time to give a little back this quickly. His starring role as Spider-Man isn't even in theaters yet, but the actor is playing one of the biggest names in the history of comics, and thus he's got a big name to live up to. We look forward to seeing him continue to make the world a slightly better place.

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