The Greatest Star Wars Memes For Any Situation

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The internet is a vast source of limitless information and a technological wonder that has revolutionized our everyday lives in countless ways. It's also a great place to share memes, and that's something folks do en masse all over the internet, especially in regards to social media. It's a way to express yourself on a level regular text doesn't always convey and, when used correctly, can be a real hit with colleagues.

This is especially true with Star Wars memes, which have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Thanks to the efforts of subreddits and the new trilogy, Star Wars memes are as hot as they've ever been. If you're late to the game, here's a handful of the best from each trilogy to get you started, and equip you with the perfect meme for any situation.

The Prequel Trilogy

While the films may not be as celebrated, the prequel trilogy memes rank among some of the best on the internet. It's hard to find a part of the movie that isn't worth making into a meme, and one almost certainly could if they tried. With that said, here's some of the classic and most versatile ones that really embody the drama and goofiness of Episodes 1-3.

prequel meme Obi-Wan Kenobi "Hello There"

"Hello There"

General Kenobi's greeting to General Grievous may have been odd and a bit out of place given the context of the situation. With that said, it's more or less perfect for the person wishing to inject themselves into a conversation between two strangers they're not apart of. This one also works for when people send you comments that are just your name and nothing else, and may discourage those parties from doing that in the future.

Palpatine Treason Meme

"It's Treason, Then"

Who doesn't enjoy an internet debate every now and then? Believe it or not, people with different ideals clash on the internet, and even friends can get into squabble over trivial things. If your friend flips the script on you in an argument, Palpatine's famous line is a great meme to signal their betrayal. It's also great for when someone mentions treason in general as well, and will always get scores of likes from Star Wars fans.

Darth Vader No Meme, Nooooooo


We'd be remissed to cap off the prequel films without one of its most iconic memes to date. People may take the Vader "nooooooo" meme for granted because it's been around for so long, but that's only because it's one of the most versatile gifs in the game. When you are absolutely, positively looking to express your disapproval in an exaggerated and slightly comedic way, accept no substitutes. This isn't about Quentin Tarantino memes!

The Original Trilogy

The original trilogy has gotten some fresh memes over the years, but seeing as its the oldest trilogy, it's only natural some of the internet memes surrounding it are a bit dated. There's nothing wrong with the classics though, and as long as you're not trying to impress any edgy teenagers, these memes should serve you well while traversing the web.

Emperor Palpatine Star Wars

Palpatine Egging On

Online discussion can get heated at times, and sometimes everyone needs to take a breath and remember that there's another person on the other side of the screen trying to live their life. This meme is great for acknowledging when someone may be taking things a bit too far, but also great for trolling someone you've already enraged in a discussion. Of course, you're also suggesting you're a villain in posting it so there is a downside.

Older Meme Star Wars

Meme "Checks Out"

This one is certainly applicable to a few entries on this list, and one young bloods can keep in the folder to whip out once in a blue moon. This one is great because it's always a crowd pleaser, provided the meme it's referencing is actually old. Play this one sparingly and you'll score thousands of imaginary internet points before you know it.

Admiral Ackbar Meme Star Wars

"It's A Trap!"

Admiral Ackbar's famous line is one of the internet's oldest meme, and suitable in literally every situation one would assume. Spot something dicey on the internet? Did your friends share a link to some news that isn't true? Drop this baby in the comments to inform others, and maybe provide some context afterward for those that don't understand why. Everyone should post an Ackbar meme at least once in their life, if only as a public service.

The Sequel Trilogy

The sequel trilogy is the new kid on the block, but that doesn't mean the memes are any less fantastic. With that said, memes have shifted to more contextual and rooted in long captions that apply to very specific situation. Even so, there are still some great lines from the new movies to work into this brave new world of memeing.

Kylo Ren Shirtless

Kylo Ren Shirtless

There's no text, but don't panic, all will be fine. Just let Kylo Ren's glistening pecs do all the talking for you and leave everyone else to figure out why you posted this meme. Was it intimidation? To be noticed? Are you just bored? Best case scenario, the conversation devolves into Kylo Ren shirtless image battles, which one can never get enough of.

The Sacred Texts Star Wars

"The Sacred Texts!"

Here's one that's best used ironically, on days when you're feeling a bit fiesty. Maybe you threw out your microwave box before checking the heating instructions, or your dollar comic collection was damaged whilst sitting in the garage. The skies the limit for this one, and it's guaranteed to get smiles from at least a few people should you find the right context to use it.

Poe Dameron Star Wars

Poe Breaks The Ice

When it comes to one-liners in the new Star Wars trilogy, there's really no debate among who delivers the best. Poe Dameron is the man, and isn't afraid to crack jokes even when his life is in danger. It's something that will probably get him killed eventually, but until then we can laugh at his smart ass remark to Poe and use it in all awkward online exchanges going forward.

Of course, there's a galaxy full of great Star Wars memes that have been left off of this list, so feel free to share any favorites in the comments for interested parties to use in the future. Meanwhile CinemaBlend will keep an eye on all Star Wars news, and post that Episode IX trailer as soon as it appears.

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