Keri Russell Brags That She Has The "Coolest Costume" In Star Wars: Episode IX

The Americans Keri Russell operating a computer in disguise

The Star Wars galaxy has been known to boast some awesome threads for its characters, human or alien, throughout its storied history. In that galaxy far, far away, there’s certainly a lot of wardrobe choices that help distance the look of the science fiction juggernaut from that of our very own. But among them all, there are those select few that we know and love above all others, and in the face of that knowledge, Keri Russell sounds like she’s of the opinion that on top of having a ball acting in Star Wars: Episode IX, she’s possibly got one of the coolest get-ups in the blockbuster.

It’s a bold claim in a world where Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, and even Queen Padme Amidala all exist, with their own outlandish and beautiful costumes, but during a recent late night appearance promoting her recent gig on Broadway, Russell started talking about her time on the set of director J.J. Abrams’ concluding chapter to the Skywalker Saga. During that talk with Stephen Colbert, Keri Russell made the following claim while talking about her time away from her family shooting Star Wars: Episode IX:

[My son] didn't come to the set because we were shooting in London at Pinewood, where they shot the original. But I do have the coolest costume, I will say that.

Now surely, this could mean that Russell thinks that she has the coolest costume in her own career, or that it's just "the coolest" in a general sense. However, one cannot be sure, as during her time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert she was bombarded with questions both real and fake when it came to Star Wars: Episode IX. Seeing as everyone on the set of a film in this very franchise has a black belt in secrecy, and taking into account that Keri Russell’s time on The Americans also taught her how to walk and talk like a spy, the truth could be extremely illusive.

For as much as we don't know about Star Wars: Episode IX, what we do know is that the Star Wars tradition of far flung species and locales, accompanied by designer fashions that look like nothing we’ve seen on Earth will be maintained. This especially applies when considering that Star Wars: Episode IX’s costume designer, Michael Kaplan, has been on board for this entire trilogy of new Star Wars films, and anyone who designer outfits like that of Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Holdo from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, or even Kylo Ren's mask from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is more than capable of delivering what could be the coolest costume in the galaxy.

You can interpret Keri Russell’s remarks for yourself, as well as enjoy the entirety of the humorous interview she took part in on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, below (the Star Wars talk starts around the 4:10 mark)

Star Wars: Episode IX will blast off into theaters, presumably with a title and some trailers under its belt, on December 21st. But there’s a galaxy’s worth of entertainment available to you on the market between now and then, and you can best find it in our 2019 release schedule.

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