See What Carnage Could Look Like In Venom 2

Venom promised in its final moments that should it ever get a sequel, it was gonna have Carnage. And almost like clockwork, the impressive box office performance of Eddie Brock’s latest big screen incarnation lead to the news of Venom 2 being a going concern for Sony’s growing universe. Which means that promised matchup between him and Cletus Kasady is more than likely happening in that sequel, prompting a fan to speculate what they think that character will look like. Send your eager eyes below to see what Carnage might look like:

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Fan art is certainly nothing new to the world of the internet, but this piece is one of the most grounded exhibitions of artwork we’ve seen since BossLogic started tearing up the web. It also helps that the artist behind this piece took a shot from Venom, re-colored it the typical crimson hue that Carnage has been shown to possess in his comic variant, and released it for all the world to see.

That’s pretty much the deal with what artist William Gray has shown us in this Venom 2 inspired piece. And inspiring it is, as there’s a whole bunch of directions for the film’s plot to potentially take, with actor Woody Harrelson presumably still playing the vicious villain. But don’t go thinking any of those roads will be seeing any sort of maximum Carnage action that’d push this sequel into R-rated territory. Franchise producer Avi Arad is of the mind that while Cletus does have homicidal tendencies, they don’t necessarily need to be shown in gory detail on the screen.

Even though the film is greenlit, and in early stages of production, the talent returning for Venom 2’s behind the camera operations is still a mixed bag. While writer Kelly Marcel is on board as working out the story for the follow-up, Venom director Ruben Fleischer might not be back due to scheduling conflicts. So if there’s a new director steering the ship for Venom 2, there just might be a change to the exact look and feel of this next chapter.

If a new talent winds up in the director’s chair for the next Venom film, there could be a change in the look of Carnage, or potentially an alteration to just how much of the character we’ll see. Let’s just hope that however things progress, Venom 2 takes some well earned advice to keep its box office fortunes in line with the results of its predecessor.

Venom 2 doesn’t have a release date just yet, but some speculate that it could make its bow in a slot that Sony has put aside for an untitled Marvel film next year.

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