New Toy Story 4 Clip Has Toys Realizing They're Made Of Fluff

One of the themes that has been present throughout the Toy Story series is toys coming to grips with the fact that they are toys and finding out what it means to be a child’s plaything. It appears that theme will continue on in Toy Story 4 to hilarious results. A new clip from Toy Story 4 has some of the movie’s new characters getting an unsettling look at what they’re made of. Take a look:

The stuff on the inside is generally supposed to stay on the inside, and when it comes out it can make for a traumatic experience, as Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key’s Bunny and Ducky find out here. Their shocked and frightened responses to seeing a fellow plush toy bisected by the razor sharp claws of a house cat is quite the turn from earlier in the clip where they had a cavalier and antagonistic attitude towards Buzz Lightyear.

The scene is like something out of a horror movie where there is blood everywhere, only in this instance, it is fluff and, as is often the case with toys in this series, they aren’t really prepared to be confronted with their own mortality and nature in such a dramatic way. It’s a funny clip that shows that these new characters will provide plenty of humor and great lines in the fourth installment of this series.

I also dug the idea that this cat is a true menace, a boogeyman to toys that must be avoided at all costs. It just goes to show that when you leave the comfort and relative safety of the carnival and go on an adventure with Andy’s/Bonnie’s toys you’re going to see some stuff and be put in harm's way.

Maybe the plastic toys that aren’t filled with fluff like Buzz and Bo Peep can take point on this one. Where is Keanu ReevesDuke Caboom when you need him?

This clip also gave us another look at Bo Peep, who has become something of an Indiana Jones-like toy in her time since she left Woody and the gang and became a lost toy. She is clearly well equipped for this kind of adventuring (maybe she has a squirt bottle). Whether she is ultimately a good guy or not is an open question though.

Even if it was planned all along, making a sequel to an already perfect trilogy is a tricky proposition, and there is an argument to be made that Disney shouldn’t have done it. We won’t know for sure if Disney was right to do so until we see it, but judging by the trailers and clips we’ve seen from Toy Story 4, it has the heart, humor, great character moments and clever insights into life as a toy that we’ve come to expect from this series.

Toy Story 4 arrives in theaters on June 21. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all the big movies headed your way as we approach prime blockbuster season.

Nick Evans

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