Looks Like Toy Story 4 Will Include Flashbacks, So Bring Your Tissues

Andy playing with Buzz and Jesse

It was a very exciting morning for Disney fans, as the first full trailer for Toy Story 4 finally arrived online. Woody, Buzz, and the gang are back together, and going on an epic journey across country with their new kid, Bonnie. Along the way, we'll meet some adorable new characters, while also being reunited with Annie Potts's Bo Peep since her noticeable absence in Toy Story 3.

The trailer revealed the basics of the movie's plot, but also showed some of the ways Toy Story 4 will be unique to the first three films. In addition to taking the group of toys on a road trip, it looks like the franchise is breaking new ground with the ample use of flashbacks. Specifically, the footage shows the toys during their time with their original kid, Andy.

The flashbacks pop up a few times throughout the course of the trailer, although the biggest gut punch shows a young Andy back in his iconic bedroom. Signature Red Cowboy hat in tow, he plays with Jessie, Bullseye, and Buzz Lightyear. It shows the love between those toys and their owner, and once again hammers down the heart-wrenching ending of Toy Story 3.

Also featured in the Toy Story 4 trailer are several shots of Bo Peep back in Andy's house with Woody. The duo of toys were the love story of the first two movies, although Bo was unceremoniously written off in the threequel. Andy's sister Molly kicked her to the curb sometime in between the second and third movies, and Annie Potts' signature Toy Story character was barely mentioned at all.

But we see Bo Peep back in her classic outfit in the first Toy Story 4 trailer, so it looks like the upcoming animated blockbuster will take us back to simpler times. While flashbacks were used briefly in moments like Jessie's Song in Toy Story 2, the franchise hasn't relied much on that macguffin. Until now.

As a reminder, you can check out the trailer below, complete with the flashback moments.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Toy Story 3 proved to be the most emotionally devastating movie of the franchise, although it's clear the the upcoming fourth installment isn't taking any prisoners either. It should be interesting to see how the property outdoes itself in regards to tears, as the toys' near-death experience and passing to Bonnie in the threequel reduced the generations of fans into puddles.

All will be revealed when Toy Story 4 arrives in theaters on June 21st. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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