Zazie Beetz Says Deadpool 2 And Joker Sets Felt Very Different

Domino in Deadpool 2

Over the past few years, superhero movies have started totally dominating the filmmaking world. Comic book adaptations have proven to be the most popular genre in the biz, leading to plenty of studios attempting to start their own cinematic universe. And with so many of these properties hitting theaters, quite a few actors have played multiple comic book characters.

Take Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz for example. Beetz recently made her superheroic debut in Deadpool 2, playing the ultra lucky mutant Domino. While she's expected to reprise that role in the Deadpool 3 or the X-Force movie, Beetz has another comic book project hitting theaters shortly: Todd Phillips' Joker. The 27-year-old actress recently explained how different these two sets feel, saying:

I mean, the whole vibe of the set is very different because Deadpool is about the comedy and landing the joke and the physicality of it, whereas Joker is more emotional and is a darker tone. It's not the same type of goofing off that happens on the Deadpool set, in a way. Even though that also was a lot of work too. Joaquin is just a really honest person and a really genuine person. It's really nice as an actor to be working with somebody like that, to really be able to exchange emotionally.

Despite being comic book movies focused on two over the top protagonists, Deadpool 2 and Joker don't have a ton in common. And according to Zazie Beetz, Joker was a far more serious set to be apart of. But considering how both movies have been marketed, this juxtaposition makes a great deal of sense.

Zazie Beetz' comments to CineXpress might not be that much of a surprise, considering that the actress' inclusion may be the only similarity between the Deadpool franchise and Todd Phillips' upcoming origin story, Joker. After all, the protagonists come from different ends of the comic book spectrum, with the latter being DC-based, and Deadpool focusing on Marvel comics characters.

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Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool franchise focuses primarily on comedy, with Wade Wilson often breaking the fourth wall and making references to other comic book movies. It's a formula that has really resonated with audiences, and Zazie Beetz was able to keep up with Reynolds' comedic chops in their scenes together during the massively successful sequel.

Meanwhile, Joker will be a far more toned down movie, and made on a minimal budget. Joaquin Phoenix is playing the title character, and Todd Phillips has teased that the upcoming release will be an intimate look at a mentally ill man. We shouldn't expect any comic book villainy or clashes with Batman. And there definitely won't be nearly as many jokes as the Deadpool franchise... if at all.

While the set of Joker wasn't nearly as light as Deadpool 2, Zazie Beetz still seems thrilled with the opportunity to work on the upcoming villain-centric movie. Specifically, she had a great time working with the movie's star Joaquin Phoenix. Joining them to round up the impressive cast are Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, and Marc Maron.

While it's unclear when Zazie Beetz will return as Domino, Joker will arrive in theaters on October 4, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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