Mary Elizabeth Winstead Says Birds Of Prey Is ‘90s 'In The Best Way’

Huntress in the Birds of Prey promo video

The DC live-action universe has had a fascinating tenure in theaters, full of peaks and valleys. While the first few installments left something to be desired critically, Warner Bros. has managed to pivot away from ensemble projects and crossover-heavy blockbusters. Instead, directors have been given the chance to craft their own corner of the DCEU, and its a method that worked out great for Aquaman and Shazam!

The next DC live-action movie is Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), which will bring Margot Robbie's signature villain back to the silver screen alongside Gotham City's femme fatales. Anticipation for Cathy Yan's DC debut has been steadily building since it was announced, especially after the cast was assembled. Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be playing Huntress in Birds of Prey, and recently revealed that the movie will have some '90's flare. As she put it:

In Gemini Man, I’m a D.I.A. [Defense Intelligence Agency] agent who’s been hired to keep an eye on Will Smith, but in Birds of Prey I play this assassin who’s been trained since childhood. It’s all women and genuinely funny and weird. It feels from the ’90s, in the best way.

Well, this interesting. While comparing her role as Huntress to the one she played in the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Gemini Man, Mary Elizabeth Winstead revealed that the 1990's would be factoring into Birds of Prey. And since the movie is set in the present, it should be interesting to see exactly how it all pans out.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead's comments to The New York Times are sure to turn a few heads, as the contents of Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) are largely a mystery. While we know the cast of femme fatales will face off against Ewan McGregor's villainous Black Mask, exactly what the movie will contain is a mystery. But filming has been underway, so it's only a matter of time before Cathy Yan and company get chatty about the upcoming female-led blockbuster.

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Huntress has been teased to be one of the main characters of Birds of Prey, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead was one of the first actresses to sign on to the DC project. In the comics, Huntress is a member of the Bat-family who use far more violent means to achieve her goals than Bruce Wayne and his proteges. This can put her at odds with Batman, although we shouldn't expect the Caped Crusader to pop up in Birds of Prey. Especially since Ben Affleck departed the role.

It'll be a number of months before Birds of Prey arrives in theaters, but hopefully footage and stills from the set begin arriving this summer. The teaser went over super well when it arrived, so the studio may want to keep the momentum going sooner rather than later.

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) will arrive in theaters on February 7th, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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