Jason Blum Shares Photo With Jamie Lee Curtis, Is Another Halloween Sequel Coming?

The Halloween franchise returned in a big way last year with the reboot-quel Halloween, which brought Jamie Lee CurtisLaurie Strode back for another showdown with Michael Myers. David Gordon Green’s film was a critical success and a smash at the box office, so with the franchise so vibrant again, it's natural to wonder when we’re getting a sequel. We don’t know yet, but Jason Blum sharing a photo with Jamie Lee Curtis certainly won’t quell that speculation. Check it out:

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Now, Blumhouse Productions is a big name in horror right now, and just because Jamie Lee Curtis is meeting with Jason Blum doesn’t mean it has to do with Halloween. The scream queen could be discussing any number of different projects with Jason Blum, who doesn’t specify what they were talking about. Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t bound to one horror franchise and would be an asset to whatever new films Blumhouse is cooking up.

Having said that, in the photo from Jason Blum’s Twitter account, Jamie Lee Curtis is holding an action figure of her Halloween character Laurie Strode. That’s about as subtle as a Michael Myers-wielded kitchen knife to the gut. So I mean, this has to be about a Halloween sequel, right?

Following the success of last year’s Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis said that she hadn’t been approached about a sequel and didn’t know if that was the plan, but that she would definitely be down for one if director David Gordon Green called her. Perhaps this meeting between Jamie Lee Curtis and Jason Blum is the first step to a sequel movie.

However, just because Jamie Lee Curtis might be willing to do another one doesn’t mean it will happen. Sometimes critical and financial success and the desires of those involved aren’t always enough to bring a movie to life. Specifically in this case of a Halloween sequel, Jason Blum has said in the past that Blumhouse doesn't have the rights to do another one.

He said that despite his desire to make 10 more Halloween movies, they didn’t have the rights to make sequels and that had to be sorted out first. Jason Blum also said that he was trying really hard to make it happen, so it isn’t impossible that those rights issues have been sorted out, or signs are good enough it will happen that he met with Jamie Lee Curtis to discuss the future.

This photo is by no means a guarantee, but it is better than nothing and should keep fan hope for more alive. With the success of the last film there’s simply too much money to be made for a sequel not to happen.

Even though Blumhouse didn’t yet have the rights to a sequel, there was a report that Scott Teems had been brought on to write the script for the film. Also, we know that both writer Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green had ideas and things they wanted to do for a sequel. So if it actually comes together it will be interesting to see how much of the first film’s creative team returns and in what capacity.

While we await to see if Halloween 2 (or is it technically Halloween 3? These reboot-quels make numbering tricky) happens with Jamie Lee Curtis, you can catch the actress onscreen in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out on November 27. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all this year’s biggest films.

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