See Injured Daniel Craig Prepping To Return To Bond 25 Filming

Daniel Craig shirtless and fit as James Bond

It’s always sort of fun seeing celebrities getting into insane shape for various movie roles. However, when the celebrity is Daniel Craig getting fit for James Bond and it’s Daniel Craig getting fit for James Bond while recovering from an injury, the image is even cooler.

But don’t take it from me. Take a look at the James Bond official image of Daniel Craig getting back in the workout saddle following Craig’s ankle injury back in May…

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Talk about swole goals. Daniel Craig, like fellow quinquagenarian Tom Cruise, is still crushing it out at the gym, even while injured. Honestly, that boot looks pretty serious in the James Bond official photo, but it's nice to see that Daniel Craig is not sitting on his laurels while he recovers from his injury.

About a month ago, reports from the set of the still-untitled Bond 25 indicated the actor had hurt his ankle while filming a scene for the movie while on set in Jamaica. At the time the production schedule was put on hold while Daniel Craig figured out exactly what had gone wrong with his ankle.

During that time, the James Bond production was pretty transparent about the injury, noting that Daniel Craig would need to undergo ankle surgery – albeit “minor” surgery – after injuring his leg on set. Two weeks of recovery were expected to be needed before production to go back into full swing. The good news? Bond 25 is still expected to hit its release date in 2020! (And that’s even with that controlled explosion injury that happened once the film was back in production.)

Bond 25 has honestly been a long time coming, so hearing the flick is still on track even with this injury is very good news indeed. First and foremost, the last James Bond movie, Spectre, came out all the way back in 2015. Then, there was some question about whether or not Daniel Craig would even return to the role.

Finally, Daniel Craig signed on and all seemed well… but it wasn’t quite. There was another snafu with finding a director to stick with the film through production. At one point, Danny Boyle was signed on and left because of “creative differences.” Then, the movie allegedly went through a rewrite. Next, the injuries happened. So, clearly this hasn’t been the smoothest movie to come to fruition ever.

Now, Daniel Craig is back in the gym, the cast for the movie (including Bohemian Rhapsody's Rami Malek) is cemented, and things seem to be moving forward.

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Daniel Craig’s workouts have been a big topic of conversation ahead of Bond 25. Reportedly, prior to filming, the actor was working out an absolutely insane amount in order to make sure his physique was at a peak. That reportedly even involved 12-hour workout sessions.

If there are no more snafus, Bond 25 is expected to hit theaters in April of 2020. For now, take a look at what's still coming this year with our full release schedule.

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