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People Are Shaming Jason Momoa For Not Being In Aquaman Shape

Jason Momoa in Justice League

There’s a not insignificant chance that if Jason Momoa is onscreen in a movie or TV show, he’s going to be shirtless. The actor has made a career playing badass characters like Aquaman, that often allow him to show off his impressive physique. It turns out that some people are quite attached to that physique because they are shaming Jason Momoa for not being in Aquaman shape in a recent photo.

First, check out the photo of Jason Momoa in question:

A photo posted by on

This image from US Weekly’s Instagram apparently shows Jason Momoa while he is on vacation in Venice. You’d think this was the first image of a new superhero costume, because let’s just say people have opinions on it with some shaming the Aquaman actor’s physique. One person even called him fat, saying:

Man Jason you got fat bro!!

Well, that is quite the stretch. Without seeing the picture, based on this comment alone you might think Jason Momoa was hoping to jump from DC’s Aquaman to Marvel’s Blob. Jason Momoa isn’t even remotely fat in this photo; he just isn’t cut in the way that we are used to seeing him onscreen. For some people that disparity is the problem. One commenter said:

Where dem abs at??

Jason Momoa is carrying a little bit more fat or water weight, but he still clearly has abs. His six-pack isn’t popping like an action figure and apparently for some that is cause enough to shame him. This is of course ignoring the fact that he is literally on vacation and not actively training to look like a superhero. One person even implied his body doesn’t look manly anymore, saying:

12 year old boy status now

Pretty absurd stuff considering the actor is 6-foot-4 and in good shape. Fortunately, comments such as these were in the minority, with many coming to Jason Momoa’s defense and quite a few saying they even prefer the actor this way. One commenter made sure to let everyone know that Jason Momoa is still attractive, saying:

This is ridiculous! This man is HOTT! Dad bod and all!

This was a common sentiment on Instagram, with many professing their love for Jason Momoa and whatever physique he has. Of course, saying that Jason Momoa has a dad bod in this photo is far from accurate. He’s just a fit dude who’s not actively training at the moment.

It’s extremely difficult to remain chiseled year-round, and it requires constant training and a strict diet to maintain the low body fat percentage to look like a superhero. And again, he is on vacation and not being paid to work out at the moment. So definitely not a dad bod, as one Instagram commenter made hilariously clear:

If this is a dad bod..everyone else’s must be a damn bloated corpse. This man is beautiful!

Indeed, Jason Momoa’s so-called ‘dad bod’ is likely an aspirational goal for many people and what they would hope their ‘after’ photo would look like. His physique here is definitely not unhealthy or something the actor should be ashamed of. He's living a great life though, so I doubt he's too worried about it.

For those ridiculously lamenting Jason Momoa’s abs, there is nothing to worry about. Unless DC goes the Thor route from Avengers: Endgame, I expect Jason Momoa will be back in his peak physical condition for Aquaman 2. Before that DC sequel arrives in 2022, Jason Momoa will be back onscreen next year as Duncan Idaho in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune.

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