Jessica Chastain Pushed For More Blood In IT Chapter 2

Jessica Chastain in IT Chapter 2

IT was a massive hit with audiences and became the highest grossing R-rated horror movie ever made when it was released two years ago. The forthcoming IT Chapter 2 certainly wants to improve on that success and that means increasing the terror to another level. Jessica Chastain, who co-stars in the new film, was apparently quite intent on making sure the new movie hit as hard as it possibly could.

CinemaBlend's own Sean O'Connell attended Warner Bros. ScareDiego event on the eve of San Diego Comic-Con last night where some new footage from IT Chapter 2, including the brand new trailer, were debuted. Chastain also spoke about a scene in the new movie that would have her covered in fake blood. Apparently, director Andy Muschietti was willing to make sure none of the fake blood got on her face, but the actress didn't want to stop there. According to Chastain...

I was like, ‘No, if we’re going to do it, let’s do it.' I love horror films, I love Carrie, and I said, ‘Let’s make Carrie on steroids.' And that’s what we did and it literally tortured me because I didn’t realize that it would be that way the whole movie.

Apparently when Jessica Chastain said she wanted to outdo Carrie, she was really just referring to the one scene that had her covered in blood. But be careful what you wish for. Instead, basically the whole movie was a blood bath. On the plus side, if IT Chapter 2 is looking to be "Carrie on steroids," it sounds like it succeeded.

It's not like there was any shortage of blood in the first IT movie. The film painted the walls with the stuff the first time around. It seems that Beverly, the character played by Jessica Chastain, whose younger self was played by Sophia Lillis the first time around, is just destined to get covered in blood. And really if Sophia was willing to get her face and hair covered in blood, it's the least Jessica Chastain can do.

IT Chapter 2 follows the half of Stephen King's classic novel that wasn't dealt with in the first movie. It deals with the group of friends who fought Pennywise the Clown as children reuniting as adults to do it once again.

When it comes to movie scenes where people are covered in blood, it's hard to improve on the sequence from the movie based on Stephen King's first novel. Carrie starred Sissy Spacek as an outcast high school student with telekinetic powers. Her viscous classmates elect her prom queen solely to get her in position to dump a bucket of pig's blood over her. It's become one of the most iconic moments in horror movie history.

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If the new IT can do better than that, we're in for one hell of a horror movie. IT Chapter 2 hits theaters in September.

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