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Here's the interesting thing about costumes during Comic-Con. You might expect, if there's a Game Of Thrones panel for example, that many, many more people than usual would choose to cosplay as a Game Of Thrones character on that day. For the most part, however, that doesn't really happen, at least in my experience. There may be a few more than usual, but on the whole, people just roll with whatever they want, whether it has any connection to Comic-Con or not. For example: why did I see a woman driving around a dog in a remote controlled car? I don't know, but it all works here.

You can take a look at some of the best photos we got today down below. Some of my favorites included Jessica Rabbit, an A+ balloon animal and the giant Funko Pops, including the one at the top of the article. Well played, everyone. We hope you had fun.

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