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Rumor: Ben Affleck Is Getting Back Into Batman Shape

Batman in Justice League

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we got a training montage with Bruce Wayne hitting the weight room hard to prepare for his fight with Superman. That montage showed the phenomenal shape that Ben Affleck got into for the role and at 6’4”, he proved to be the most physically imposing Batman yet. The cowl has now passed to actor Robert Pattinson, but if a new rumor is correct, it seems that Ben Affleck is getting back into Batman shape.

According to Radar Online, Ben Affleck has been spending way more time at the gym recently and it has resulted in him packing on a ton of muscle. Apparently the 46-year-old actor is looking to gain muscle and stay youthful and to do that he has developed his own power-lifting program he does all by himself, without the help of a professional trainer.

The rumor says that Ben Affleck has become obsessed with his new workout regimen and packing on even more muscle than he had when he was playing the Caped Crusader. One of the supposed sources described the actor as looking like a linebacker, saying that he shows up to the gym at all hours to pursue his obsessive fitness goals.

That obsession to surpass Batman muscles and move into Bane territory has allegedly resulted in the actor pushing himself extra hard and working out to the point of total exhaustion.

Ben Affleck’s newfound fixation on his muscle gains is apparently not tied at all to any upcoming movie roles, his lifting is purely for his own sake. That dashes the already slim to nonexistent hopes that Matt Reeves’ The Batman would have Ben Affleck’s character as part of a frame story or that Ben Affleck is working out for reshoots on the long-awaited Snyder Cut of Justice League.

This is all just a rumor so who knows how much Ben Affleck has really turned into an obsessive gym rat and whether or not it is due to any future projects. The actor certainly doesn’t need a reason to work out though and if he is just doing it for self-betterment that’s a good thing as long as he’s safe about it.

Ben Affleck has been candid and open, speaking publicly in the past about his battle with alcoholism. Working out can provide people with all kinds of struggles a healthy outlet to pour themselves into and it is certainly a more innocuous obsession to have than many others.

Ben Affleck may not be Batman anymore and he may not be working out for any specific role, but he does have have some fun stuff on the horizon. As seen in the first trailer, the actor makes his return to Kevin Smith’s ViewAskewniverse as Holden McNeil in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. He’s also attached to direct and star in Ghost Army and the Agatha Christie adaptation Witness for the Prosecution.

News also broke earlier this week that Affleck will reteam with his Good Will Hunting co-writer Matt Damon as the two write and star in Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel. Wherever he shows up next, it seems that Ben Affleck may still be looking like a superhero.

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