Last Christmas Trailer Has Emilia Clarke And Henry Golding In Adorable Rom-Com

If there's one thing that's better than a good, emotional, romantic comedy, it is clearly the Christmas themed romantic comedy. Sometimes what the world needs is a good Christmas movie to get people in the mood for the season, and this year, that movie will be Last Christmas. It's got everything a good Christmas rom-com needs, adorable leads in Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, and great music, although in this case the musical focus isn't on Christmas tunes, but rather George Michael.

Check out the first trailer below right now.

Emilia Clarke plays Kate, a woman who is simply getting by in life in London. She works in a Christmas shop, and generally disappoints her family until she meets Tom. Tom is the best looking man on the planet earth, because he's played by Henry Golding. He seems to be really into Kate for reasons that are far from clear, and he's the nicest guy ever, and thus begins to win Kate over, all to the tune of a George Michael soundtrack.

Yes, in addition to having the title Last Christmas, it appears that one of the hooks of the movie is that the music of George Michael will play a big part in the film. We hear a bit of "Freedom! '90" in the trailer along with the title tune and according to Universal, the movie will also include unreleased George Michael music, so fans are likely going to want to brave the holiday box office to check this one out.

If that's not enough to get you interested, then perhaps director Paul Feig, a guy certainly known for comedy filmmaking, is. On top of that you have a movie that will include both the writing and the acting talents of Emma Thompson. Thompson will play Clarke's mother in Last Christmas, but she also co-wrote the screenplay.

While I'm not sure anything we see here looks like it's going to revolutionize either the rom-com genre or the Christmas movie, sometimes all you want is a heart warming story that meets your expectations, and Last Christmas certainly looks like it could be that.

Having said that, it is also quite possible that there is more going on here than meets the eye. Some on social media are already reading into the plot. The fact that Henry Golding's character appears too good to be true has some wondering if he is.

Is Tom actually a Christmas angel sent from above to help Kate fix her life? There's certainly nothing in the trailer to discount the idea. Do the lyrics of George Michael's "Last Christmas" explain how Kate survived nearly dying? There could actually be a lot more going on here than a simple romantic comedy.

Last Christmas hits theaters November 8.

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