Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow Shares Throwback Photo Of Her Dad After Hobbs And Shaw Release

Paul Walker CGI image in Furious 7

Celebrity deaths are always headline news and the biggest fans of any given name never really get over the loss of a performer they loved. Having said that, the death of Paul Walker was something of a unique event. Walker's death at the age of 40, and at the height of his celebrity, resulted in an outpouring of love that from fans that still hasn't faded away. Clearly, however, nobody misses Paul Walker more than his family, and Walker's daughter recently posted an image of him in remembrance.

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Meadow Walker, the daughter of Paul, posted the image to her Instagram, which shows her dad swimming, with a pig. It's a great picture because, it's more than a little hilarious to see Paul Walker and this pig looking at each other, but it's also quite heartwarming. You really want to know the story behind where this image came from because it's probably an excellent tale.

As you would expect, the picture is receiving a lot of love from friends and fans of Paul Walker, who still miss the actor nearly six years after his passing.

Paul Walker died in a car accident in 2013. He was still in the midst of filming Furious 7 at the time, requiring some script alterations and the use of Paul Walker's brother as a stand-in for Paul. The actor's face was CGI'd into a final sequence that was used as a farewell for both the character and the man.

Furious 7 would go on to gross over $1 billion. The fact that Paul Walker died so young, and in the middle of a franchise that was only growing in popularity, likely played into the fact that his death seemed to hit a lot of fans harder than you might expect. Walker wasn't a huge star outside of the Fast & Furious franchise, but the franchise was likely helping him build to becoming even bigger.

The fact that the Fast & Furious franchise is still going strong also helps keep Paul Walker in the minds of the fans. The first franchise spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw, is in theaters now, and while it doesn't contain most of the cast, or even reference them, the fact that the movie is doing well means the fans for the franchise aren't going anywhere. Fast & Furious 9 is currently filming and will likely be a massive hit when it arrives next year.

Odds are Paul Walker's character will be a big part of that movie, even though he obviously won't be there. Jordana Brewster, who's character has a child with Walker's, will be back, and that's certainly not going to happen without some sort of explanation why the character of Brian will be missing.

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