Spider-Man: Far From Home Is Swinging Onto Blu-ray Soon With Over An Hour Of Extra Content

Masked Spider-Man gliding in Far From Home

Now that Spider-Man: Far From Home has enjoyed its time in theaters, including an extended cut of the movie being shown over Labor Day weekend, there’s just one thing left: to arrive on home media. Well, good news on that front, as the release dates for the Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD copies of Far From Home have been announced, and they’ll be packed with over an hour of bonus features.

Straight from Sony itself, you’ll be able to purchase up Spider-Man: Far From Home digitally starting September 17, and for those of you who’d rather wait for the Blu-ray combo pack, 4K Ultra HD combo pack or DVD, those will hit shelves on October 1. As with a lot of movies nowadays, there’s a quicker turnaround between the theatrical release and home media release, so if you didn’t manage to catch Far From Home in theaters, you won’t have to wait much longer to watch it in the comfort of your own home.

As for the extra content, one of the most notable of the bunch is an original short called “Peter’s To — Do - List,” which has Peter Parker running some errands before going on his trip to Europe. This footage was included on the Spider-Man: Far From Home theatrical re-release, and it’s unclear if there’ll be an option to watch that sequence included in the movie or if it can only be viewed separately.

Aside from other deleted/extended scenes, a blooper reel and a video of Mr. Harrington and Mr. Dell offering tips on how to travel across Europe, Spider-Man: Far From Home comes packed with a lot of behind-the-scenes looks, from exploring all of Peter Parker’s different Spider-Man suits in the movie to E.D.I.T.H. (the A.I. program in Tony Stark’s glasses) highlighting Easter eggs you might not have noticed.

Here’s the full list of the Spider-Man: Far From Home bonus features you’ll be able to watch:

New Original Short, Peter’s To – Do - List: Peter has a few errands to run before he can leave on his class trip.Teachers’ Travel Tips: Mr. Harrington & Mr. Dell present a few tips on how to traverse the European continent.Stepping Up: Explore how Spider-Man was introduced in the MCU, the ways Tom Holland transformed the character of Peter Parker, and what the future holds for Spider-Man.Suit Up: The suit doesn't make the hero - but it does play a big role in who they are and who they can become. This piece examines all of Peter's different suits in the movie, and with behind the scenes footage, we see why some suits are better than others.Far, FAR, Far from Home: The film's illustrious locations serve story points and establish tone, but they're also amazing to travel to! Hear from the cast on their experiences filming on-location.It Takes Two: A special look at the chemistry between Jon Watts and Tom Holland.Fury & Hill: MCU stalwarts Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson are back as Agent Maria Hill & Nick Fury!The Ginter-Riva Effect: A look at the villain sub-plot and how William Ginter-Riva ties Spider-Man: Far From Home all the way back to the beginning of the MCU.Thank You, Mrs. Parker: A look at Marisa Tomei's reimagining of Aunt May, from Homecoming to Far From Home.The Brother’s Trust: A quick look into some of the amazing work Tom Holland and his brothers have done through their charity, The Brothers Trust.The Jump Off: Interviews with the cast & crew take us through all of the amazing stunts of Far From Home.Now You See Me: We examine the evolution of Mysterio and why Jake Gyllenhaal was the perfect fit for the role.Stealthy Easter Eggs: Allow E.D.I.T.H. to reveal some of the hidden Easter Eggs you may have missed!Select Scene Pre – Vis: A side by side comparison of the Pre-Vis with the filmGag Reel & OutakesNever-Before-Seen Alternate & Extended Scenes

Along with earning a lot of positive reviews, with a $1.122 billion worldwide haul, Spider-Man: Far From Home has not just become the highest-grossing Spider-Man movie, but Sony’s highest-grossing movie ever, knocking 2012’s Skyfall from the #1 spot. The sequel picked back up months after Avengers: Endgame’s game-changing events and saw Spidey clashing with Mysterio and The Elementals, a conflict that left him in an unexpected place.

In the weeks after Spider-Man: Far From Home’s theatrical release, it looked like Tom Holland’s Peter Parker still had a bright future ahead of him in the MCU, but Marvel and Sony’s disagreements have put the kibosh on any future collaborations. Maybe that will change like the James Gunn/Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 situation did, but as things stand now, while Holland is set to keep playing the Web-Slinger, his next Spider-Man movie and any others that follow will be Sony-only productions that are unconnected to Marvel Studios’ continually-expanding franchise.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on Spider-Man’s film future, and in the meantime, keep track of the rest of this year’s releases with our 2019 release schedule.

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