Marvel's Infinity Saga Trailer Will Give You Chills

Avengers assembling in Avengers: Endgame

After 11 years and 23 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe narrative arc we now know as The Infinity Saga is officially over. To commemorate this end, Marvel showed a trailer for the entire Infinity Saga at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. Now that trailer seems to have made its way online for all to see, and it will give you chills. Check it out in the video below:

It’s difficult to distill 23 films and roughly 3000 minutes of story featuring dozens of characters into a trailer that runs less than three minutes. So what Marvel does instead here in this trailer, uploaded by Everything Always, is to focus not on the specific of the story itself, like tracking the various Infinity Stones, but instead to hone in on the feeling of the Infinity Saga, the emergence of these heroes and the opening up of this universe.

The trailer starts off with a familiar sound, Tony Stark banging his hammer making his very first Iron Man suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s very first film. If you’ll recall, when Avengers: Endgame hit theaters and fans were waiting to see if there was an end-credits scene, instead what they got was the Marvel Studios logo popping up and the sound of Tony Stark’s hammering playing. Picking up with that in the trailer for the whole saga is a nice bit of full circle closure.

The Infinity Saga trailer then begins to introduce many of the MCU’s heroes before launching into images from the entire 23-film arc. The trailer even includes shots from that oft-forgotten MCU title, 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. The whole thing gives you chills and is immaculately put together. The way the music crescendos with the images onscreen is brilliant, as are the cuts, like Thanos’ snap cutting to Captain America backlit by the sun, standing against Thanos’ horde in Endgame's final battle.

The trailer also includes some voiceover from Tony Stark, the MCU’s first and main character, and Vision, whose words speak not just to the films they were drawn from, but the entire saga. After Tony Stark snaps his fingers, the Infinity Saga trailer then goes into something of a goodbye, a denouement commenting on the epic journey thus far.

It ends with the shot the whole saga built to, all the Avengers running into battle together, and Tony Stark talking about the whole universe that is now a part of things.

If this got you in the mood for a 50-hour MCU marathon, a sure to be awesome and exceedingly expensive box set for The Infinity Saga is in the works. Kevin Feige has said that it might include some “really, really bad scenes” and he recently revealed an alternate version of Iron Man’s Avengers Initiative scene.

We’ll keep you updated on The Infinity Saga box set as we hear about it. In the meantime, we are about to embark on Phase 4 and a whole new, mysterious and as-yet-unnamed saga. Check out the Phase 4 release dates in our guide, and for everything else headed to theaters, keep an eye on our 2019 Release Schedule.

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