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Spider-Man: Far From Home thumbs up with Aunt May

The internet is feeling all kinds of Peter Tingles at Sony/Marvel's big kiss-and-make-up news over Spider-Man staying in the MCU. Although it's too fresh for us to know exactly how the deal changed, and who may have had to compromise more, fans are just happy at the current outcome. (Not as happy as Tom Holland, based on his f-bomb post.)

There's a lot of ecstatic screaming out there, as well as back-patting from fans saying "We did it." The fan outcry was huge, and it probably did prompt Sony and Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige to re-assess, even though Sony's CEO recently said the negotiation door was closed.

Some fans are doing a reverse of the Spider-Man blip from Avengers: Infinity War to let Mr. Stark know they feel SO GOOD right now:

Cynics may sniff at Marvel fans for caring this much about fictional characters, but it can't hurt to have more joy in the world. And it's fair to say millions of fans are feeling like this today:

Peter Parker's love for Mr. Stark had a heartbreaking end in Avengers: Endgame, with Tony Stark's name invoked many times in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Fans hated the idea of Peter Parker being cut off from the same universe as his mentor. Shortly after the Sony/Marvel split news came out -- before the actor shared his own statement -- Tom Holland shared a photo with Robert Downey Jr., saying "We did it, Mr. Stark." That got fans emotional in a sad way at the time, but now fans are celebrating with Mr. Stark references across the web.

Ah, that one got me. Here's a more triumphant one:

I also can't get enough of the Tom Holland/Spider-Man coming back like memes:

Fans are having too much fun today, and you can check out more social media reactions. Personally, I'm happy that Aunt May and Happy Hogan may now get their own happy ending, since Jon Favreau noted that Spider-Man leaving the MCU would mean the end of that storyline. Plus, we can rest assured that Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy continues as planned after the shockers of the Far From Home ending.

Some fans are only cautiously optimistic, because any number of things could go wrong from here. And there are still a lot of questions to be answered. What MCU movie will Tom Holland do after the third Spider-Man movie? This deal apparently includes room for one more Marvel Cinematic Universe title. Also, what will Spider-Man do once he presumably gets to Sony's Marvel Universe? It sounds like Sony and Marvel Studios are working together at the moment to plot that out, before the MCU hands the keys back over to Sony.

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