Aquaman’s Jason Momoa And Nicole Kidman Congratulate Zoe Kravitz On The Batman Casting

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The next Batman movie took another big step forward recently when Zoe Kravitz was officially revealed to be playing Catwoman in Matt Reeves' upcoming movie. This makes her the newest member of the DC Comics cinematic family, and other parts of that family, who know Kravitz quite well, are coming out to congratulate her on the big role.

Jason Momoa is the DC Universe's Aquaman on the big screen. He's also Zoe Kravitz's stepfather. Momoa and Kravitz's mother, Lisa Bonet, have been together since 2005, so he knows the young actress well, and he made it clear on Instagram just how happy he was to see her success.

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While Jason Momoa and Zoe Kravitz might both be in DC movies, it's still not clear whether the pair might ever be able to interact or not. The new Batman movie will star Robert Pattinson in the title role and it's far from obvious if the new film will fit into the existing DC universe where Momoa's Aquaman lives, or if it will be a stand alone movie like comic book films pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe had always been.

Still, even if the two characters will remain forever separate, Momoa says that he thinks Kravitz will really enjoy her time in a comic book movie. It's pretty clear that he does.

The Aquaman lead isn't the only member of that particular cast who is excited to see Zoe Kravitz joining the family. Kravitz's Big Little Lies co-star Nicole Kidman, who was also in Aquaman, was recently asked by Variety if Kravitz was the perfect Catwoman, Kidman had far nicer things to say than that.

I think she's the perfect anything. She's pretty much the perfect woman, Zoe, right?

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Technically, Zoe Kravitz has played Catwoman before, as she actually voiced the character in The LEGO Batman Movie. Of course, we expect this performance to be somewhat different than that one.

This is a big role for Zoe Kravitz to say the least. While the actress has certainly been successful in recent years, the Catwoman role follows on her addition to another significant movie franchise, the Harry Potter spin off Fantastic Beasts movies. Playing Catwoman will be her highest profile performance to date, and we can say that without even having a clue how the character will fit into the movie.

Catwoman is one of several classic Batman characters that was rumored to be part of the new Matt Reeves' movie. Now that we know that much is true, we now have to wonder how many of the other rumored villains, like Penguin, Riddler, or Two-Face, might also end up appearing in the movie.

Of course, Catwoman herself is a bit of a special case as even knowing Selina Kyle will appear in The Batman doesn't, in itself, tell us if any villains have officially been cast. Catwoman tends to straddle the line between hero and villain depending on what sort of relationship Catwoman has with Batman at the time.

Production on Batman will be starting soon, so we can expect a few more major casting decisions to go along with the ones that we have. The Batman is set for release in the summer of 2021.

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