Robert Pattinson Is Training In Jiu-Jitsu For The Batman

Robert Pattinson as Dennis Stock in 2015 film, Life
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Since The Batman's development has picked up over the past year through its pre-production, the DC film has steadily become one of the most highly-anticipated comic book movies coming to the big screen. After initial mixed reactions to Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight, the cast is rounding out with Zoe Kravitz taking on Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon. As we move closer to the cameras rolling, Pattinson is now getting some badass fight training. Excited yet?

Robert Pattinson is working with eighth degree red and black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu intstructor Rigan Machado ahead of The Batman. Machado previously worked with Keanu Reeves on stunts and choreography for the John Wick movies, along with training Ashton Kutcher and Vin Diesel as well. Get ready to see the Caped Crusader do some serious damage: jiu-jitsu offers much more than a cheesy one-punch “kapow” type of brawl.

Brazillian jiu-jitsu is a variation of martial arts that involves grappling and ground fighting. It will allow Robert Pattinson’s Batman to overpower just about any opponent by using leverage to bring them to the ground. The martial art will give Pattinson the tools to bring a realistic and gritty feel to the iconic character with the fighting style’s signature choke holds and joint locks. It sounds like Matt ReevesThe Batman is adding some valuable skills to the hero's utility belt besides highlighting his detective skills more than ever before.

Unlike his fellow Justice League mates, Batman is not graced with superpowers. What makes him impressive and one of the most favored heroes ever created is his ability to fight crime without leaning on cosmic abilities that separates him from men. He is still one of the most powerful and respected heroes among the group because he is incredibly clever between his fighting ability and brain for gadgets and problem solving. Robert Pattinson’s Batman being able to show off his physical skills are absolutely key to fans getting on board with his version, and jiu-jitsu training is an exciting step in that direction.

It’s unclear at this point how massive of a transformation Robert Pattinson will make for The Batman. Will he pack on a ton of muscle for a beefy look or go with a slim, lean and badass Dark Knight? The actor has teased his interest in approaching the role as something that is “frightening” which the audiences can lose themselves in. It sounds like he’s been doing some awesome in-depth preparation, between reading up on various Batman comic books and this jiu-jitsu training.

Robert Pattinson really came to play for The Batman! Keep up with us here on CinemaBlend as more developments emerge ahead of its release on June 25, 2021.

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