Scream Star Jamie Kennedy Co-Signs Fan Theory After Scream 5 Announcement

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With rumors of a fifth Scream movie headed our way, there was bound to be talk circulating around the internet about what this hypothetical installment could entail. And sure enough, one of those fan theories is ready to resurrect the dearly departed Randy Meeks, played by Jamie Kennedy in the first three Scream movies, in a most interesting way. The best part is, Kennedy himself approves, as seen in the social media post below:

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It’s been a while since Randy was seen in the Scream universe, as his death in 1997’s Scream 2 took him out of earthly commission. But it was his return as a cameo/recorded message in 2000’s Scream 3 that closed off his connection to the series. Despite his character’s role as the custodian of the official horror movie rulebook in Wes Craven’s first three films, Jamie Kennedy confirmed in his tweet that his character not only could become a villain in a potential Scream 5, but he has an idea for why he’d do it.

While it isn’t abundantly apparent what motive Jamie Kennedy feels would put Randy on the path of a killer throughout the rest of the Scream franchise, it does present a rather interesting wrinkle to consider. Provided, of course, that this new sequel is supposed to be a direct continuation of the first four films. The exact approach being taken by Spyglass Media Group hasn’t been confirmed, and neither has the fact that this project is going ahead in the first place.

This is the latest rumor that sees the Scream series back in the limelight, as it was previously suggested that Blumhouse Productions was in the midst of rebooting the series entirely; a claim that was eventually debunked by Jason Blum himself. So there’s still room for this hypothetical Scream 5 project to happen, which would be the first entry in the series since 2011’s Scream 4.

Should that be the case, it’d be wise not only to take Jamie Kennedy up on his eagerness to play Randy as a villainous mastermind out to get Neve Campbell’s Sydney Prescott, but it could be interesting to see him remove Sydney from the board in the opening to Scream 5. Not only does this keep up the tradition of shocking cold opens for every film in the series, but it allows this new film a fresh perspective. It also lets us see new Ghostface kills out of necessity, rather than just the typical motives of jealousy or revenge.

Legacyquels are hot right now, and after gaming things out in the hypothetical scenario above, I not only see how Kennedy co-signs this bonkers theory for Scream 5, but I’m really hoping it turns out to be true. But in the meantime, it’s a good idea to wait for confirmation of the project’s existence, even if Jamie Kennedy seems convinced that it's happening.

While Scream 5 isn’t set to happen anytime soon, at least not at this moment, you can take a look at the movies that are scheduled to head for theaters in the next year, by searching through our 2019 and 2020 release schedules.

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