New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Redesigns Sonic And It's So Much Better

Sonic the Hedgehog movie

The first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie debuted back in April and was met with a lot of negative reception, mainly due to the design of the eponymous protagonist. Shortly thereafter, the movie was delayed so that the cinematic Sonic could be redesigned. Now, with just four months to go until Sonic the Hedgehog finally drops, the super speedy mammal’s new look has been revealed thanks to a new trailer.

Our snap judgement? Big improvement over the initial look at Sonic the Hedgehog, the character made famous in the SEGA video games who now will be making the leap to the big screen. It’s possible that people overreacted to the design of Sonic in the first trailer for this movie. Hey, that’s what fans do! But the outcry was loud enough that director Jeff Fowler announced a return to the drawing board, and this new look seems to fit much better with a visual that die-hard fans expected.

We also, thanks to this trailer, learn more about the story. It’s not wildly original, and in fact follows a blueprint used for several “aliens visit our world” stories. Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz) admits that he comes to our world because so many people on his world were seeking his powers. He lands in the home of an unsuspecting human (James Marsden), then must embark on a road trip to stay ahead of… you guessed it! People who want his powers.

Of course, me personally, I didn’t really care WHAT Sonic looked like, I was all in on this live-action/animation hybrid combination experiment because it’s giving us the chance to see Jim Carrey go full “Jim Carrey” again on screen. The comedian doesn’t act much anymore, and I have no clue what it is about this movie that convinced him to play Dr. Robotnik, and evil scientist hellbent on attaining Sonic’s powers. But I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m simply going to enjoy unfiltered Jim Carrey, spank you very much.

Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik

Does it hurt my soul that Sonic the Hedgehog is able to use The Ramones in its marketing? Yes. Yes it does. But you take some good with some bad in these battles, my friends.

Now we want to hear from you. Thoughts on the redesigned Sonic? Thoughts on the movie, in general? Hit that comments section below and catch us up on your current thought process.

Sonic the Hedgehog races into theaters on February 14, 2020. Keep track of what else is hitting the big screen next year with our 2020 release schedule.

Sean O'Connell
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