One Frozen II Star Doesn’t Think Frozen 3 Will Happen

Anna Elsa and parents in Frozen II

Frozen was a massive hit for Disney and based on every early indication, from box office projections to critical response, Frozen II is looking like it's going to be at least as big, if not a bigger movie than the original by every conceivable metric. So, the obvious question becomes, if we got a Frozen II, could we see a Frozen III?

It feels like the most obvious answer is "Yes, of course, such a thing is possible," or, if Disney wants to be circumspect, the answer could be "We'll have to wait and see." And yet, surprisingly, the response from one voice actor, Alfred Molina, who voices Anna and Elsa's father, King Agnarr, is that he seems pretty sure that Frozen III won't happen. According to Molina...

I don’t think they’ll be a 3, that’s what I heard. But who knows? Those kind of decisions are way above my pay grade.

Of course, the most interesting thing about Alfred Molina's comments to Variety is that he says he's already heard there won't be a Frozen III. It seems awfully early for anybody to be making those determinations, considering part two isn't even out yet. Ultimately, the question of whether or not another movie happens, will almost certainly be, at least in part, determined by box office success that hasn't happened yet.

Of course, there are some other potential reasons that Alfred Molina could be so sure. Perhaps Frozen II ends in such a way that a part three seems unlikely. I mean, I find it hard to believe that Elsa dies at the end of the new movie, that seems insane, but if it were to happen, it would certainly make a third movie seem like a long shot. Maybe she'll lose her powers, that could do largely the same thing.

There are other possibilities. It could be that Alfred Molina is only speaking for himself, and that his statement means there will be no Frozen 3 for him. Technically, the question asked was whether he'd be back for a third film. That, of course, would have to mean that a plan for the movie is actually already in place with a story that Disney knows won't include any flashbacks to the king. This also seems unlikely, as there was certainly no rush to make Frozen II, and so rushing to make a trilogy doesn't seem like what these creators would do.

It's also true that stories for animated movies tend to go through a lot more changes than your average live-action script. Even if there was an idea for a third movie, it would be essentially impossible for anybody to be sure if which characters would or would not be in it.

Even if there is a general feeling that there won't be a Frozen 3, there's certainly no guarantee it won't happen. If somebody has the right idea down the road, it would be crazy for Disney to not consider it. Still, maybe we should all go into Frozen II on November 22 assuming this will be our last trip to Arendelle.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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