Wonder Woman 1984 Merchandise Possibly Reveals Appearance Of Kristin Wiig’s Cheetah

Kristen Wiig as Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984
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If you thought 2019 was packed a punch for the superhero genre – just wait for 2020. The almost-new year is about to come in hot with new feature films prominently from both DC and Marvel. Along with Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff finally getting her own solo flick Black Widow at the start of summer, Gal Gadot will be returning for Wonder Woman 1984 and we now we have the first peek at her adversary: Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah.

Some early merchandise for the film has surfaced on Twitter and it looks to reveal one of the villain's looks in the upcoming movie. Check it out:

Meow! The mug features Kristen Wiig’s character donning a leopard-print jacket and skirt, torn black shirt and loose blonde curls. It’s purr-fectly ‘80s! The character is posed with curled fingers, indicating the primal features of Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva. What do you think?

As some fans noted, the character famously looks all cheetah from head to toe, and this reveal seems to only show Dr. Minerva dressed in character but not completely transformed. Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah likely has more than one look, just as Gal Gadot has an additional gold suit for the movie’s poster. Check out Cheetah’s complete look, via the source material:

Cheetah in Wonder Woman comics

(Image credit: (DC))

It will be interesting to see how Wonder Woman 1984 tackles Cheetah’s complete look without her looking like a CGI character straight out of the live-action Cats musical. What we see so far from this mug design certainly fits the era the movie will be set in and we can’t wait to see how the former SNL comedian will bring the comic book villain to life.

Word is the first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer may come December 8 when Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot make an appearance at Brazil Comic Con. The movie is just six months from release, so it’s about time we get some footage from the summer blockbuster.

The sequel will follow Diana Prince decades after fighting in WWI. She’ll face off against Cheetah and Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord. Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor will return, but we have no idea how considering he died in the first movie. Oh, and how come he hasn’t aged?

Now it should be noted that merchandising doesn’t always reflect what’s specifically coming from the movie and this mug hasn’t been officially been released or made available to the public. But, the art does closely resemble Wiig’s likeness and looks quite official. Only time will tell.

Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to theaters on June 5, 2020 following the release of Birds of Prey from DC on February 7, 2020. Read up on everything you need to know about Cheetah ahead of the upcoming sequel!

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