Wonder Woman 1984: Was Kristin Wiig’s Cheetah Look Revealed?

Kristen Wiig in Wonder WOman 1984

Wonder Woman fans were excited when it was revealed that the upcoming movie sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, would include one of the character's most popular villains, Cheetah. The first trailer showed us Kristen Wiig, who will be playing the character Barbara Ann Minerva, the alter ego of the supervillain, but it stopped short of showing us the Cheetah version of the character. However, a new leaked image purports to be our first look at what Cheetah will look like in the film.

The original image was posted to Instagram by a Wonder Woman fan account. However, the image has since been deleted from that page. However, because nothing ever really leaves the internet, the picture has been reposted by SC Reviews. If the image is legit, and it certainly could be, then this is what we'll see when Kristen Wiig's character transforms in the new movie. Check it out.

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Well, the new movie does take place in 1984, and if nothing else the new image certainly has an 80s vibe running through it, so that part check out. The image is artwork rather than a shot from the film itself, so even if the picture is from a valid source, the final CGI version of Cheetah might still look a little different than this.

Of course, without a chain of custody, we also have to be a little suspicious. The image has been deleted from the spot where it was originally posted, which may have simply been because the image was being leaked and should not have made it out into the world quite yet, but also could be because the image isn't on the level.

The trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 shows us a decent amount of Kristen Wiig, but at the same time it doesn't even hint at the Cheetah character in any real way, so how or when Cheetah enters the film is anybody's guess, as is the explanation of how the character will fit into the larger plot of the movie.

I'm certainly hoping this art is accurate because I'm digging the look. It certainly looks more human than say, the characters in Cats, and so stays clear of the uncanny valley. It also fits somewhat with the whole 1980s aesthetic. It might look out of place for a more modern movie, but I think it works here. Of course, other looks, like in Wonder Woman merchandise have implied that Cheetah might not end up looking cat-like at all. It's possible this is just a fan created image that ended up getting posted as something more legit.

With Wonder Woman 1984 not hitting screens until June, we'll certainly get at least one more big trailer before the movie is released. When that happens we should get something that gives us a little more detail about the movie itself and its plot. The question is, will that trailer give us our first look at Cheetah, or is the plan to keep the character entirely under wraps until the movie comes out?

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