4 Frozen II Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Frozen II

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Disney animated movies are always good for multiple views. Whether you've got kids who play them on endless repeat, or you're an adult who has been known to play them on endless repeat (checks mirror, nervously) there's always something new to see when you watch it again.

In modern Disney films especially, there are almost always easter eggs to be found in the latest animated Disney adventure. Of course, frequently, these easter eggs are tucked away in the background, so it's unlikely one will notice them the first time around, even on a big theater screen. However, now that Frozen II is available in Digital HD, and coming next week to Blu-ray, we can watch the movie over and over again until we catch every little thing. Or, we can just watch "Lost in the Woods" over and over again, whatever works for you.

If you want to be sure you don't miss a moment of what Frozen II has to offer, one of the bonus features attached to the new home release clues fans in to a few of the hidden easter eggs, in case you still haven't noticed them all. Check out these hidden Disney references you might have missed in Frozen II. Technically, there are more than four easter eggs here, as a couple of these moments actually include several combined together, but who's counting?

Anna and Elsa playing in the snow

Disney Characters Hiding In The Snow

Both Frozen movies open with our main characters, Anna and Elsa, playing together. In the first film, the pair make a snowman and skate around an icy floor. In Frozen II, Elsa has used her ice powers to create an entire playset including a snowy hillside and small snowman figures for them to play with. You likely remember this scene, but now that we have a moment frozen in time, take a look at the picture above, and take a closer look at the snowmen that Elsa and Anna are playing with.

In Elsa's left hand you'll see that she's holding Dumbo, the flying elephant. On the ground next to her you'll see a figure that is clearly Big Hero 6's Baymax, and next to him is Bolt. Finally, in front of Anna you can see a figure that resembles the first Disney Princess, Snow White. The scene goes by quickly in the film, and the lack of detail makes some of these characters tougher to make out, but a bunch of Disney characters cameo in the new movie.

Olaf Blanket

Olaf's Favorite Blanket

Frozen II's first big musical number, "Some Things Never Change" opens with Anna and Olaf sitting on a blanket together on a bright and beautiful fall day. It's unlikely that anybody was paying a great deal of attention to the blanket that the pair were lying down on together, but that's perhaps a bit unfortunate, as the blanket itself is actually the easter egg here, because we've seen it before.

Apparently, Olaf really likes this blanket, because it's also seen during the snowman's performance of "In Summer" from the original Frozen. I'm still not entirely sure how this works, since the blanket shouldn't technically exist, because "In Summer" didn't really cause Olaf to run along a sunny hillside with a blanket. From a narrative perspective, that never happened. Maybe, since Elsa's powers can create dresses, they can also create blankets, and she made it for him based on his description. It's possible I'm overthinking a Disney movie a bit.

Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven

Frozen II Crew Shoutout

It's possible that you noticed the previous easter eggs on this list, but I can almost guarantee you missed this one, unless you happen to be related to the Frozen II crew members that are the subject of it. If you take a look at the image above, you'll see a pair of wooden figures flanking the archway behind our characters in the middle of "Some Things Never Change." They're not just generic figures, but they're drawn to resemble two specific people. On the left you'll see the Frozen II representation of production designer Mike Giaimo. On the right is environmental art director David Womersley.

It would seem that, since production design and environmental art would specifically have influenced the background where the figures are shown, it was probably somebody who worked for them that stuck the two Disney vets into the shot. Either that, or they did it themselves when nobody was looking.

Else ice scene

Another Hans Christian Andersen Princess

Near the end of Frozen II we watch Elsa as she views moments of the past, as magic allows her to see her parents when they were younger. This includes a scene where a young Agnarr is sitting under a tree reading when a young Iduna drops down from the branches to ask him what he's reading. He responds that "it's some new Danish author." This one is another easter egg where there's actually more than one reference being made at the same time.

You might have caught what Agnarr said when you first saw Frozen II, and if you knew that Frozen was based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen from back when the first movie came out, then you likely knew exactly what was being referred to here, as he's the Danish author in question. However, if you were paying too close attention to what was being said, you might have missed what was being shown. The book Agnarr is reading isn't The Snow Queen, but actually one of the author's other stories that was turned into an animated Disney musical, The Little Mermaid. The logo seen here is specific to the Disney movie version.

There are some great hidden gems buried in Frozen II. I'm sure some serious fans with eagle eyes actually caught all of these easter eggs the first time around, but for the rest, now you have yet another reason to appreciate the creative work of Disney's newest animated feature.

Frozen II is now available in Digital format, and will arrive on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K on February 25.

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