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Florence Pugh's Marmalade Skills Have Fans And Even Paddington Excited

Paddington and Florence Pugh would make a great team

It’s been a fully loaded last 12 months or so for Florence Pugh, who kicked off a series of roles starting with 2019’s winter release Fighting with my Family, continued through Midsommar and Little Women and won’t end until Marvel’s Black Widow graces the big screen. But despite being so busy, the actress has won fans by cooking on her social media platforms and this week a recipe for marmalade won over some new fans, including Paddington.

Yes the lovable bear has always been a big proponent of marmalade, so when Florence Pugh made some of the homemade goodness, Paddington’s social media people smelt the good stuff right away. In fact, they responded to Florence Pugh, leading to one of the most endearing Twitter exchanges yet this year.

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The exchange continue as Paddington’s Twitter account continued to respond to the actress in character about his own ideas for marmalde, noting,

Dear Ms Pugh, that's a lovely idea. I will bring some of the marmalade Mrs Bird and I made last week so that we don't use all of yours up. Thank you.

Yes, who knew that a batch of marmalade could entice the internet this much? If you aren’t on Instagram, or didn’t catch Florence Pugh’s latest cooking demonstration, it was replete with her using phrases like “then it gets all marmalade-y” and “that's perfectly good orange dirt." The end result is that a lot of people got really excited about Florence Pugh making marmalade. Probably because in another life she’d be an onscreen cooking master like Giada. Anyway, you can see for yourself.

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Others just find her antics on Instagram to be very relaxing.

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It's easy to win over the fanbase, but now Florence Pugh has put the idea in our heads that she's a good fit for the Paddington franchise. While the exchange between Ms. Pugh and Paddington is delightful to say the least, what I'm envisioning is something a little more sinister. Maybe Florence Pugh plays a female chef hellbent on gaining Paddington's now-popular marmalade recipe. She's the villain of this narrative and there will be other hijinks involved.

I'm getting ahead of myself as Paddington 3 isn't even greenlighted yet (and it probably won't happen anytime soon), but one of the best things about the last one was Hugh Grant's amazing villain and I'd like to see Florence Pugh give an outrageous baddie a go. Anyway, I'm not the only one who is prematurely stoked about the idea.

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So, there you have it. The sometimes unrecognizable Florence Pugh made marmalade and she caught the attention of a very famous bear who is also mostly famous for making marmalade. I hope they go on a sticky adventure at some point, but if they don't at least we'll always have this memory.

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