Ryan Reynolds Started A Twitter Feud With Paddington, And It’s Fantastic

Paddington 2
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The line between actor Ryan Reynolds and Wade Wilson seems to blur every day, especially with a visit to the actor's hilarious Twitter. On his account, which is often full of meta deadpan tweets, no jokes are off limits. This even includes the occasional quip toward his young children, as he channels his superhero counterpart all the time with unfiltered jokes and pop culture references. Reynolds also enjoys a good fake Twitter feud. And although he had a lot to celebrate since Deadpool 2 scored a bunch of People's Choice Awards nominations, it didn't stop him from having a little fun with it. His latest target being a fuzzy, clumsy little bear named Paddington, who didn't take the shots Reynolds fired sitting down. Check out the exchange:

Yikes! Those are some serious fighting words Ryan Reynolds hurled toward a beloved children's character. However, Paddington seems like he can hold his own with his virtual stare down in response. After all, the bear has been known to foil a few villains in his day-- played by the likes of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. Deadpool 2 nabbed four People's Choice nominations including Movie of 2018, Action Movie of 2018, with Reynolds receiving Male Movie Star and Action Movie Star accolades for his role as the Merc with a Mouth. And although Paddington 2 only was recognized for Family Movie of 2018, Reynolds seemed a little offended that his film wasn't among the list of family-friendly films full of timeless kids stories such as Peter Rabbit, Christopher Robin and Pixar blockbuster Incredibles 2.

In the sequel, Deadpool 2 was branded by Wade Wilson himself as one for the family. But between the grimy mouths of its characters and limb slicing, this must have gotten lost in translation for People's Choice nominators. With 2016's Deadpool, which was released close to Valentine's Day, it was marketed as a love story and between all the violence and superhero antics. And although Deadpool 2 wasn't necessarily a family fare, it did have Wilson protecting a young boy from Cable and assembling an unlikely team to help him.

Ryan Reynolds and Paddington both did the near impossible this year, as Deadpool 2 satisfied fans earlier this summer with a sequel and the adorable bear warmed hearts earlier this year with Paddington 2. Sequels don't always garner the same reactions as the original, but both films saw their characters coming back with installments that gave the original a run for their money. Both franchises have potentials for longevity and more entries, if given the chance. Friends or rivals, you can vote for their films on E! Online. The network will be taking over the People's Choice Awards, previously on CBS on November 11.

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