5 Times Chris Evans Was A Real-Life Captain America

Chris Evans image from 2011's Captain America

Chris Evans is a gifted actor (and a Gifted actor), oft-known as the guy who brought Captain America’s shield to the big screen and helped propel the MCU to superstardom in the early days of Phase 1. In the world of Marvel, Cap is a stand-up guy and this is often true of Chris Evans in his life off of the big screen as well.

The philanthropic actor gives to charity; he, in fact, donates time and money to many different types of causes on the local and national level. Some of this stuff is related to his connection with Marvel, Disney and the MCU, but he’s also not been a person who is shy about sharing his opinions and values with the world in myriad ways.

So without further ado, we’ve put together a list of times Chris Evans went above and used his prominence as an actor to do good. Perhaps he’s a real-life Captain America after all.

Captain America and other Avengers do Charity Work

The Work Chris Evans (And Other Avengers) Have Done For Got Your 6

A lot of celebrities are involved in specific charities, and Chris Evans is no exception. He, and actually a couple of his pals in Marvel’s The Avengers are involved in Got Your 6. Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner have filmed PSA for the charity previously.

Got Your 6 is a nonprofit that helps veterans rehabilitate when they return home. The campaign raises awareness of veterans issues and works toward attaining specific goals related to jobs and housing. Founded in 2012, it often incorporates celebrities into the marketing to help empower veterans.

captain marvel with long hair in 2019 movie Phase Three

Chris Evans Donated Money So Girls Could See Captain Marvel

When Captain Marvel came out last year, there was a big push to get young women into the theaters to see the female superhero on the big screen. A Go Fund Me was even set up ahead of the Brie Larson movie in order to help Girls Inc. LA and We Have Stories to host an event.

As it turns out, Chris Evans donated and even raised awareness for the Go Fund Me through a tweet. More than $63 thousand dollars were raised for the charity and the movie went on to make plenty of money at the box office to boot.

Captain America and Black Widow

The Time Chris Evans Helped Scarlett Johansson With A Small Act Of Kindness

OK, a red carpet issue is not the same as helping someone cross the street, but still, small acts of kindness can be very notable. Chris Evans recently helped Scarlett Johansson when she was wearing a red Vera Wang gown.

The two were announcing together at the 2020 Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy at the awards. Taron Egerton won, but that wasn’t the sweetest part. In fact, there’s a shot of Chris Evans helping Scarlett Johansson when her skirt got all tangly on the stage. It was the nice thing to do and he did it, no questions asked.

Chris Evans back as Star-Lord in GOTG Vol. 3

Chris Evans Spends Plenty Of Time At Children’s Hospitals

Along with his work for Got Your 6, there have been multiple occasions when Chris Evans has visited children’s hospitals to spend time with sick kids. Disney once set up a particularly special event in which Chris Evans visited the Seattle Children’s hospital all dressed up as Cap.

The event came when he beat Chris Pratt in a bet over the Super Bowl. Although he won, he still wore the costume for the kids. Pratt in turn wore his Star-Lord costume to visit Boston’s Christopher’s Haven charity. However, he hasn’t simply attended events whilst in Marvel wear. He has also been to hospitals along with his Gifted co-star McKenna Grace at the Children’s LA hospital.

Chris Evans is a supporter of the aforementioned Christopher’s Haven, and has headed up Omaze campaign work to help the organization raise money for families dealing with the effects and challenges of facing childhood cancer. Specifically, Christopher’s Haven helps with housing families when they are dealing with pediatric cancer care. It was founded in 2001.

Chris Evans on Late night after saving theater company

Chris Evans Even Saved His Hometown Theater Company

Chris Evans is originally from the suburbs of Boston and when he was growing up he attended the Concord Youth Theater. It was a place Evans told CBS Boston“was a place to feel safe and take risks, and what would ultimately lead me to my career.

Last year, Evans helped the group to find a permanent home after years of cycling in and out of different suburbs near the city of Boston. The venue found was a church with seats for over 200 theatergoers. Chris Evans’ mom works as the artistic director at the Concord Youth Theater and Evans even returned for the red ribbon cutting ceremony, where his mother spoke out.

Chris Evans gets a lot of Captain American comparisons in his real life, but it’s clear he will continue to do good things whether or not he’s said goodbye to Marvel for good. If there’s a particularly cool thing Chris Evans has done we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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