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Peter Parker grieving in Spider-Man: Far From Home

As we saw with Joe Keery, who plays Steve “The Hair” Harrington on Stranger Things, fans can be quite, shall we say, attached to an actor’s trademark locks. So imagine their horror when the ultra-popular Spider-Man actor Tom Holland shaved his head for a new movie. You don’t have to imagine it because you can see the field day the internet is having below. Take a gander at the new Tom Holland.

This video made for a fan on Twitter was quite the way for Tom Holland to drop the bombshell on the world that he told his barbers to ditch the scissors and break out the clippers, close guard. He doesn't even address his hair in the video, just allows fans to gasp in awe at the now near chrome-ness of his dome. Needless to say, the loss of Tom Holland’s hair caused great sadness in the Twitter-verse. Check it out.

Like Darth Vader crying out at the loss of Padmé, so too is the internet vocalizing their grief over Tom Holland’s hair. Tears were shed, eulogies written and remembrances posted.

Alongside the sadness there was also confusion, as the internet struggled to come to grips with the loss of its favorite actor's luscious locks.

Pam Beesly's look here expresses the sadness that many have struggled to put into words. This Twitter user questioned why Tom Holland would shave his head and the answer is that he did it for a new movie (more on that later). But that is not reason enough for the Tom Holland Stans out there, who think he should have taken another approach, one that would have preserved his Prince Charming hair.

While some were primarily focused on the loss of Tom Holland's curls, others were preoccupied with what, or specifically who, the new, buzz cut-rocking Tom Holland looks like and there were several thoughts on the matter.

And then, on the opposite end of the spectrum from the 4-year-old cartoon character comparison, we have the following:

Justin Timberlake was also thrown out there as Tom Holland's new lookalike. Lastly, we return to the first Twitter user cited above, who seems to have reached the acceptance stage of grief, encouraging others to do the same in hilarious fashion.

Frankly I don't understand how everyone is missing the most obvious thing here. It's no wonder Peter Parker shaved his head, J. Jonah Jameson just outed my guy as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home to the entire world. He’s on the run, going off the grid and he’s gotta change his appearance. I assume this buzzcut is just a prelude to hair dye, sunglasses and a fake mustache.

Alternatively, we know that Tom Holland was an integral part of mending the Sony-Marvel Studios relationship and returning Spider-Man to the MCU. So maybe he was going on hair strike until a deal was struck. In reality, all the fans lamenting the loss of Tom Holland's hair have The Russo Brothers to blame.

Tom Holland is starring in Joe and Anthony Russo's Avengers: Endgame follow-up (one of many projects on their plate) titled Cherry. In the film Tom Holland plays an Army medic suffering from PTSD who becomes a bank robber.

Cherry does not have an official release date as of yet but is expected to hit theaters in 2020. Check out all of next year's biggest movies in our 2020 Release Schedule.