Onward And Spidey Actor Tom Holland Jokes About Disney Still Being Scared Of Him And Spoilers

Tom Holland as Ian Lightfoot in Onward

Tom Holland recently said that he’s not worried about spoiling next year’s Spider-Man 3. The actor, who has become notorious over the years for accidentally spoiling his movies, has apparently learned how to keep a secret. Well, Sony may trust Tom Holland enough to divulge Spider-Man 3’s secrets to him, but it seems that Disney still needs some convincing. The star of the new Pixar film Onward jokes that he still hasn’t seen it because Disney is scared of him spoiling it, saying:

I haven’t seen it yet. They don’t let me see the movies before. They know I’ll spoil it, and also I get to watch it now at the premiere with all the fans. So I’ll be crying with everyone else, we’ll cry in solidarity.

Look, fool Disney once shame on you, fool it twice? Thrice? How many times has Tom Holland spoiled a movie at this point? Whatever the number, Disney has learned its lesson with Tom Holland and despite their seemingly great working relationship, it would not be a shock if the Mouse House would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the popular actor’s films.

As Tom Holland told Good Morning America ahead of the release of the movie this past weekend, he hadn’t seen Onward yet, the animated film he is the star of, because Disney wouldn't let him see the movie beforehand. That’s because Disney knows that Tom Holland simply can’t be trusted with a secret and that he'll inevitably spoil things.

He’s the Michael Scott of secret keeping; he wants to keep the secret, he tries to keep it, but inevitably, he just isn’t built for it. So Tom Holland didn’t get to see Onward in advance and had to catch it at the premiere like a common peasant. On the bright side, Tom Holland got to experience Onward for the first time with the fans and experience all of the emotion of the film with an audience. So, I suppose having to wait is not without some advantages.

In reality, Tom Holland is likely joking around here and it’s probably his busy schedule that prevented him from seeing Onward and not Disney’s fear of him spoiling it. But Tom Holland definitely knows at this point that he has a reputation, and a well-earned one at that, for spoiling things. Rather than deny it, he’s owning up to his own shortcomings in a fun way.

Not seeing his movies in advance might actually be a smart strategy for the actor. Sure, he may know his lines and what he did during production, but the less knowledge he has the less information is at risk of getting spilled to the public.

Onward isn’t the kind of movie where there are critical secrets that must be protected in the way it is for a Marvel movie, but as is the case with any movie, it’s best if you don’t have the ending spoiled in advance. Meanwhile, we’ll see how well Tom Holland can keep Spider-Man 3’s secrets between now and next July.

Onward is now playing. Make sure you know what ticket to buy and check out our 2020 release schedule to see what other movies you can look forward to this year.

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