Wonder Woman 1984 Merchandise Reveals Best Look At Diana's Golden Armor

Wonder Woman 1984

In this summer’s Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot’s Diana of Themyscira will be giving up the sword and shield she used to fight Ares and his puppets in World War I. But while she is ditching her more aggressive weapons of war, like, Wonder Woman 1984 will still be giving the titular heroine a costume upgrade. Now it seems that some merchandise for the film has given us a great new look at Diana’s golden armor. Check it out:

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This is easily our best look yet at Diana’s golden armor from Wonder Woman 1984. The poster for the film, seen above, shows the armor, but it’s missing pieces like the helmet and the wings. And although the trailer for the movie ends with a shot of the armor, the lighting is rather dark so the look is not as clear as you might hope. But this merchandise finally gives us a great look at Diana’s armor and it is straight badass.

This image from Queen Studios Collectibles shows 3D images of the company’s upcoming 1:2 statue from Wonder Woman 1984 featuring the Amazonian wearing what's called her Golden Eagle Armor. We’ve seen some cool costumes in the superhero genre over the past two decades, but this Golden Eagle Armor has got to be near the top of the heap.

She may no longer be fighting in World War I in Wonder Woman 1984, but Diana looks positively built for war here. Unlike her standard attire, the Golden Eagle Armor covers Diana’s entire body with gold armor that looks like it could take a serious hit. You don’t see a lot of superhero costumes that are just one single color and the result here is striking.

The design is absolutely gorgeous and looks like something made for ceremonial purposes. But this armor is clearly not just for show. The areas that the thicker plates don’t cover feature a sort of mesh that allow Diana the mobility to fight.

The helmet is especially cool and as you can see, gives the armor its name, with its eagle-head shape. It looks fierce and although Diana is Themysciran by birth, like Superman, she is often viewed as a quintessentially American hero. The Bald Eagle is America’s national bird and seeing Diana in this Golden Eagle Armor, feels like it should be set to the tune of something patriotic.

Then there are the wings. I’m not sure if Wonder Woman will be flying around in her invisible plane in Wonder Woman 1984, although there are shots in the trailer that make me think it’s a possibility, but she might not need it with the Golden Eagle Armor. I have to assume those wings serve a practical purpose and allow Diana to fly and look awesome doing it.

The wings on the Golden Eagle Armor are actually reminiscent of Archangel’s wings in X-Men stories after he has become a horseman of Apocalypse. The wings look like they can be used for both defensive and offensive battle purposes in addition to granting the ability to fly.

If these images of what is set to be a highly-detailed statue of Wonder Woman in her Golden Eagle Armor are anything close to what we will see in Patty Jenkins’ sequel, there is plenty of reason to be even more excited for Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens in theaters on June 5. Check out our 2020 Release Schedule to see what other movies you can look forward to this year.

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