On Anniversary Of Final Destination’s Release, Devon Sawa Discovers Hilarious Similarity With His Character

Devon Sawa as Alex Browning in Final Destination
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In the current circumstances, it’s much easier than usual to relate to certain situations from movies. The world is dealing with a pandemic, and many people in our communities are being asked to stay at home and avoid contact with others. It helps to make these comparisons considering many of us are passing the time by re-watching our favorite horror franchises. Final Destination’s Devon Sawa has shared a funny one on the anniversary of the hit movie:

Whoa! The first Final Destination movie hit theaters on March 17, 2000 – leaving exactly 20 years between its release and this tweet. Devon Sawa is making light of a situation many find themselves in today: self-quarantining in the house and being filled with paranoia. If you remember, the 2000 film follows Sawa’s Alex Browning having a vision of the plane exploding, resulting in the death of everyone.

Alex stops his terrifying vision from happening, but fate then decides to hunt them down. One by one, all of the passengers who were aboard the plane start to die in freak accidents. By the end of the film, Devon Sawa’s character has to death proof his home and quarantine himself in order to cheat death. Check out the scene below:

Yeah, okay – that’s us sanitizing all our houses and staying inside right now. Of course, it’s a dramatization of the quarantine situation, but it’s a cool (and kind of scary) connection by Devon Sawa. The 41-year-old actor has continued to make movies since his famed horror role, recently starring in Escape Plan 2 with Sylvester Stallone and acting alongside John Travolta in Fred Durst’s The Fanatic last year.

Hilariously enough, Devon Sawa found another coincidence between his life and Final Destination this time last year too. He rounded up to twenty years, when it had technically been 19 last year, to share the flight number he’d been on. Check it out:

The flight number in Final Destination was 180, but it’s pretty crazy that the plane he was on echoed the anniversary date for the movie. Overall, the 2000 horror movie was moreso a bit of good luck for Devon Sawa as a young actor. On a reported $23 million production budget, the first film made $112.8 million globally. Four more Final Destination movies followed, but it’s been almost a decade without new entries from the franchise.

Last year, word came in that New Line Cinema was working on a Final Destination reboot from Saw writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. According to recent reports (via SlashFilm), it will actually be a sequel that could take place in the world of first responders. While we wait, let CinemaBlend be your final destination for movie news.

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