Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Have Finally Called A Truce

For some time now, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been engaged in a fierce and savage fight played out in the battleground of social media, lobbing insults and slights at one another more cutting than Deadpool’s swords or Wolverine’s claws ever could be. It’s all been in good fun, of course, but it appears that the entertaining and hilarious war of words is now at an end. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have finally called a truce. Take a look:

Thanks to their respective healing abilities, Wolverine and Deadpool could have fought forever with neither emerging the victor. While that would have been highly entertaining for all of us watching, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have instead opted to let bygones be bygones and call an official truce. The armies of Australia and Canada can officially stand down.

And so ends the hilarious back and forth between the two that even had Ryan Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively feeling like she was playing second fiddle to Hugh Jackman for her husband's love.

To commemorate their truce, Ryan Reynolds offered an olive branch and will appear in an ad for Hugh Jackman’s coffee company. Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee is a fair trade coffee company, the profits of which go to the Laughing Man Foundation non-profit. The charity then puts the money back in to the families, farmers and coffee farming communities.

That’s awfully nice of Ryan Reynolds to help Hugh Jackman out with something considering that a big part of their faux-feud was that the Wolverine actor would not reprise his role as the iconic mutant for a team-up in a Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds ran a long and passionate campaign attempting to get the actor to get back on the boiled chicken and broccoli diet to play Weapon X once more after Logan, but to no avail.

Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only one with a gesture of goodwill now that a truce has been called. Hugh Jackman will make what on Twitter he called “the most amazing ad” for Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin. So let me get this straight, one makes a drink that gives you a fun night and the other the drink to help you get through the next day? These two are definitely in cahoots.

They both seem pretty boastful about the ads they will make for each other’s companies. Will that competitiveness lead to Reynolds v. Jackman II? Time will tell.

Alas, while we may never see that Wolverine and Deadpool team-up onscreen, Ryan Reynolds seems to be at peace with it, and at least we see the two actors together here, having ended their feud. Hopefully these two can appear onscreen together in the future. Their last collaboration was the movie that nearly killed Deadpool forever, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds has also said in the past that he would settle for Hugh Jackman just appearing as himself in a Deadpool movie.

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