After Disney Parks Close, Family Creates Impressive Homemade Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride

Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean
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For the first time in forever, Disney Parks is seeing its longest closure in its 65-year history. California’s Disneyland and Florida’s Walt Disney World have been closed for a week and will continue to remain eerily empty as the U.S. government’s “stay at home” order continues amid the spread of COVID-19. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, one family has recreated the classic “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride in their own home. Take a look:

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This is seriously impressive. It’s clear this family has spent time on the popular Disney attraction. They got it down pat, all the way down to the “no flash pictures” voiceover as guests hop on to the ride. One family member played the banjo tune at the start of the ride before the riders plummeted down their stairs. Did you see that spray bottle in the corner simulate the splash from the ride? It’s all in the details!

Twitter user @Brookie_disney and her family just nailed it. They recreated just about every iconic moment from the ride including Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow drunkenly ending the ride… but last time it wasn’t on a La-z-boy. They're not the only Disney Fans entertaining themselves by playing homage to their favorite Disney attractions. “Homemade Disney” seems to have been started by Jess Siswick, @TinyMallet. Here she is waving to the viral Pirates video as she dines at the Blue Bayou:

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Okay, so the Disney community is adorable. Jess is making a ton of recreations of famed Disney rides as she quarantines at home. Check out this simple way to feel like your on California Adventure’s Soarin’:

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This is doable. One just needs some orange-scented air freshener and a recliner. It’s awesome to see Disney fans get creative during their boredom and sadness over the theme parks being closed. Here’s Indiana Jones Adventure:

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Theme parks across the globe have closed down due to the pandemic. United States Disney Parks are reportedly losing $20 to $30 million per day. The Avengers Campus was expected to open this summer, so the next question is whether this crisis will delay its opening as well. This final video pokes a little fun at Disney’s latest attraction Rise of Resistance, which is so popular guests have to wait in virtual queues. Check it out:

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On the bright side of things, Disney just released Frozen II early on Disney+ much to many family’s glee and the studio just released Onward early on Digital ahead of it dropping on the streaming platform on April 3.

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