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Frozen 2: 8 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Elsa and Bruni in Frozen 2
(Image credit: (Disney))

A snowstorm of SPOILERS are ahead for Disney’s Frozen II.

Disney animators have sneakily added “Easter Eggs” hidden in the plain sight of their beautiful visuals and messaging since their early classics such as The Jungle Book and 101 Dalmatians. Perhaps an inside joke between artists at first has become a tradition Disney fans continue to look for in the studio’s latest releases. And since Frozen 2 is now available to own on digital and recently dropped early on Disney+, it’s time to dive into the unknown. Did you spot these easter eggs in the sequel?

Anna and Elsa playing with Dumbo, Baymax, Snow White in Frozen II easter eggs

(Image credit: (Disney))

Anna And Elsa Play With Snowy Disney Characters

In the first minutes of Frozen II, the animators waste no time going for the Disney references when young Anna and Elsa are playing with her powers together. Elsa conjures up a ton of little snow figures for the pair to play with before their father interrupts them and they are told an important story that sets the scene for the sequel. Elsa can be seen holding up the elephant Dumbo and next to him is definitely Baymax from Big Hero 6. Beside Baymax looks to be Bolt and next to Anna could be Snow White and her prince.

young Anna and Elsa in Frozen 2

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Frozen 2 Opens On An Important Night From The Original

Just like the first movie, Frozen 2 begins by introducing Anna and Elsa as children. The sisters are sung the lullaby “All Is Found” by their mother during the sequence. But did you catch that the sisters are wearing the exact same outfits they did in 2013’s Frozen? The blue nightgown from Elsa and green one from Anna holds significance because Anna actually whispers in Elsa’s ear to play with snow more after they are sent to bed. This means that after the opening scene to Frozen 2, the opening scene to the first movie happens directly after. It’s the family’s last night of normalcy before the sister’s are split up.

Anna and Olaf in Frozen 2 blanket easter egg

(Image credit: (Disney))

Olaf’s “In Summer” Blanket Returns In Frozen 2

It’s not often that Disney makes a sequel to one of their movies (unless they are one of these strange direct-to-video movies). But in the instance of Frozen II, there were a ton of references to the original that could fill an entire other list. It’s cool (pun intended) that they are included because it helps audiences feel like they are in the same world they stepped into the 2013 version. During the song “Some Things Never Change,” Olaf and Anna can be seen lying on the same blanket that first appears in Olaf’s famed number “In Summer” in the original movie. Oh and from the song, it looks like it’s actually the end of summer and the leaves are beginning to change to autumn.

Olaf as a teapot in Frozen 2 easter eggs

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Olaf’s Easter-Egg Filled Game Of Charades

In an early sequence in Frozen II, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven are passing the time with a game night. When it’s Olaf’s turn to play charades he has an unfair advantage since he can rearrange his limbs. The jolly snowman transforms into Oaken the shopkeeper, Mickey Mouse and Elsa. But he also transforms into a teapot. This could be a sneaky callback to Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. Plus the voice of Olaf is Josh Gad, who played LeFou in the 2017 live-action remake. Considering the other choices Olaf makes are only Frozen related or Disney’s overarching mascot, it has to be a nod to Gad’s other work with Disney.

Elsa's castle in Frozen 2

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Elsa’s Ice Castle Makes A Brief Appearance

Another indication of Frozen 2’s world-building from the first big hit, when the gang start to venture out to the Enchanted Forest, a glimpse of Elsa’s Ice Castle can be seen in the background of one wide shot. The castle is an iconic part of the Frozen franchise because when Elsa sings “Let It Go” the castle gets built. It’s a symbol of embracing her identity and leaving behind her longtime fear of expressing her gifts. After Elsa returns to Arendelle, many of us probably were curious if the castle stood the test of time and this easter egg shows that its still strongly standing.

Elsa and The Little Mermaid easter eggs in Frozen 2

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The References To The Little Mermaid In Frozen 2

There’s also a couple references to Disney’s The Little Mermaid in Frozen 2. First, when Elsa is making her epic journey across the sea, she reaches a massive rock that certainly looks reminiscent of the one Ariel sings on in the 1989 film. When she reaches the ice fortress where she sings “Show Yourself,” Queen Elsa also sees a moment where her father is reading the Little Mermaid. You can see Ariel embossed on the cover! He says he is reading a new Danish author who is Hans Christian Anderson. Hans also wrote the story Frozen is based on: The Snow Queen.

Elsa breaking Hans sculpture in Frozen 2 easter eggs

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The Frozen Easter Egg That References Another One In Big Hero 6

Now this is epic. There’s actually an easter egg in Frozen 2 that is a callback to a Frozen easter egg found in Big Hero 6. Crazy, right? In the same scene where Elsa sees that her father was a Little Mermaid fan, she also sees a flashback of the time when Anna and Hans meet in the first movie. Irked by his presence, the Queen obliterates the ice statue of sorts of Hans and walks away. It’s not unlike the moment in Big Hero 6 when a statue of Hans is used as target practice when the superhero team is training.

Marshmallow and mini snowmen in Frozen 2 after credits

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Marshmallow And The Snow Babies Return After The Credits

To close things out, after the credits roll in Frozen 2 there’s a short post-credits sequence that has Olaf recapping the end of the movie just as he quickly tells the entire first movie earlier in the film. The big reveal is that he’s talking to Marshmallow and thousands of snow-babies. Marshmallow is the giant snow monster who guards Elsa’s castle in the first movie and the snow babies or “snowgies” were actually introduced the 2015 animated short Frozen Fever. This snows an attention to detail from Disney and now we know that they all hang out together in maybe Elsa’s ice castle?

How’d you do? Did you catch all these Easter Eggs? Or have you spotted more? Sound off in the comments and vote in our poll below.

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