Jeremy Renner's Ex-Wife Responds Bluntly To His Request To Pay Less Child Support Due To Coronavirus

Jeremy Renner in Avengers: Endgame after family is taken

A few days ago, Jeremy Renner went to court to try to get his child support payments reduced in this time where people are self-isolating following the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus. Business is down in the entertainment industry, and Renner has argued he’s not making enough money to support the full, hefty payments. His ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, does not seem too pleased about this development.

After Jeremy Renner made his request to the court, noting the current pandemic has had a negative affect on the money he’s able to bring in from acting, Sonni Pacheco made her own statement to Page Six that succinctly explained her own feelings on the matter. She told the outlet:

It is very disheartening that in a time of global crisis there is yet another attempt to reduce funds I rely on to provide for our child.

Previously, news broke that Jeremy Renner filed documents in Los Angeles stating he would like to pay less per month for support for their daughter Ava. In the documents, he stated he’s currently paying 30K per month and would like that reduced to $11,000.

For the last several years, Jeremy Renner has had consistent paydays thanks to playing Hawkeye in varying MCU films, among other additional work. But Clint Barton got a pretty happy ending on the big screen for his character, reuniting with his family at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Still, he’ll be back in the MCU with a Disney+ TV series that has been reportedly scheduled for 2021, but the spread of Covid-19 has halted lots of projects in their tracks recently, and Jeremy Renner said that has affected the money coming in. Other than Avengers: Endgame, Renner’s other recent project was voice work in Arctic Dogs.

However, Sonni Pacheco is now alleging she does not get the income Jeremy Renner is reporting he is sending to support Ava. The actress and sculpture maker also said she is “choosing love,” but that she's not receiving the money her former partner says he is sending, noting a lot of that money has gone to previous court bills before saying:

The reported monthly income has been greatly exaggerated. I only have knowledge as to what I have read in the tabloids. I think it’s time after seven years of hell, I start addressing the lies myself.

The divorce and subsequent proceedings have been very contentious. The couple split up all the way back in 2014, but they have been in and out of the courts since.

Meanwhile, plenty of courts have also shut down during the Coronavirus epidemic. Another famous court case featuring Johnny Depp and a libel suit against newspaper The Sun was recently pushed back due to Covid-19. Many other businesses, like movie theaters, have shut down completely for the time being.

We’ll keep you updated regarding how this one ultimately (eventually?) plays out. In the meantime, stay safe out there in isolation.

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