Hawkeye Fans Think Jeremy Renner Is Training For Disney+ TV Show, But Is It Real?

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(Image credit: Marvel)
(Image credit: Marvel)

Hawkeye fans are getting exciting for the Marvel character’s standalone Disney+ series. It has been nearly a year since it was announced that Jeremy Renner would lead his own Hawkeye show. Fast forward to now, and fans are getting excited over Renner potentially beginning to train for the Disney+ TV show. The question right now is: Is this really happening?

Over on Reddit, someone posted a screenshot appearing to be from Jeremy Renner’s Instagram account via one of his stories. If it is real, it is not especially revealing outside of the fact that Renner could be beginning to train for the much-anticipated Disney+ TV show. Check it out below and reconvene for further speculation:

from r/marvelstudios

If you head over to Jeremy Renner’s Instagram account, which is “renner4real,” you will notice that you cannot find the above story. Why? Well, the top reason could be that the Instagram story disappeared, which is a common occurrence. Unless a story is placed in a Highlight, they disappear after a certain period of time from when you press a user’s avatar to see it.

If you notice a colorful ring around an Instagram user’s avatar, it means a new story awaits! That a story title is missing from Jeremy Renner’s alleged Hawkeye post does not necessarily mean it is not real. Posted outside of a Highlight, the story will only display the user’s name as it does in the screenshot posted on Reddit.

That “renner4real” is above the progress bar could mean the Reddit screenshot was taken on a desktop browser. When viewing an Instagram story on the app for mobile, “renner4real” would appear below the progress bar. What does all of this mean? Essentially, Jeremy Renner may or may not have posted about Hawkeye on his Instagram.

Hopefully, Jeremy Renner will clear things up either way. After all, it makes sense for him to have started training. If recent developments are to be believed, Hawkeye is slated to premiere on Disney+ at some point next year. You have to imagine that it would be time for the Renner-led cast to start getting ready for filming. A TV show does not come together overnight!

While there is a lot that fans do not know about the series, there have been some helpful tidbits that have helped fans pass the wait. Late last year, it seemed that Hawkeye had found its Kate Bishop in Bumblebee’s Hailee Steinfeld, but that appears to have just been a rumor for now. Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping it was official.

For reference, Kate is the one who will take up the role of Hawkeye after Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton. Hawkeye enthusiasts will have to stay tuned to see what ends up happening on the casting front. Regardless of whether or not Renner has started training yet, fans should still get their money’s worth from Disney+.

Hawkeye may (emphasis on may) arrive sometime during 2021 on Disney+. There is plenty to binge on the streamer while you wait, and if that is not enough to entertain you, there are always this winter and spring’s premieres.

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