Jeremy Renner Asks For Reduction In Child Support Payments Due To Coronavirus

Avengers: Endgame Jeremy Renner sadly standing in the rain

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting a lot of folks pretty hard these days. With celebrities suffering through their own recoveries from the nasty virus, and the entertainment industry basically being put on hold, the wheels aren’t turning as readily as one would usually expect. Which has lead Avengers: Endgame star/former entrepreneur/musician Jeremy Renner to ask the courts to reduce his child support commitments in these trying times.

After his divorce from ex-wife Sonny Pacheco, Renner was ordered by pay monthly installments of $30,000, pre-tax, per TMZ. But now, with work supposedly slowing down, and the coronavirus making things even tighter, the actor doesn’t think any of the projects he’s lined up will resume before 2020 ends.

However, that’s only part of the reason Jeremy Renner wants to negotiate a lower monthly rate for his child support payments. In that very same story, one of the major voices in last fall’s animated comedy Arctic Dogs believes the basic needs of his ex-wife and child could be met with the proposed amount of $11,000.

One of the potential projects that might have been in Renner’s quiver for 2020 was the Disney+ series that centered on his Avengers character, Clint Barton, better known to the world as Hawkeye. While details around that project have been rather touch and go, recent social media activity seemed to suggest that preparations were underway for the Hawkeye spin-off series, with a 2021 debut penciled into the Disney+ schedule.

While Jeremy Renner’s schedule might not be as busy as he’d hoped for in 2020, that might be a sensible reason for authorities to reduce those payments in the interim. Of course, that’s a matter that’ll have to be settled by the legal system; which is also currently experiencing its own slowdown because of the coronavirus.

The delays on production for Hawkeye might be a blessing in disguise though, as both production on Disney+ shows like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and films such as Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings have also been delayed due to COVID-19 related concerns. Which probably means that if Hawkeye had a date set for its debut, it was probably going to be shifted anyway, so the Marvel Cinematic Universe could continue in the proper alignment.

Uncertainty reigns supreme during the time of social distancing and quarantine, but hopefully for all involved in the matters described above, there’s an easy solution to be found. Though if this current crises in the actor’s life aren’t enough to send fans flocking to Jeremy Renner’s Amazon storefront, full of camping and wilderness gear folks could use in the name of survival, then we have to wonder what truly will.

Arctic Dogs is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as Digital HD… just in case your kids have finally had enough of Frozen II.

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