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Fast And The Furious Vin Diesel And His Real-Life Son Have A 'Global Family' Message Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

Vin Diesel in F9

Anybody would be forgiven for feeling a little down right now. So many of the things that we take for granted that make life fun are gone and a lot of people are getting sick. It's enough to make anybody depressed and lose faith in huamnity. Luckily, there are beacons of hope in the darkness, like Vin Diesel, and even more, Diesel's son.

The Bloodshot star is going to have to wait a full year for his next film, F9 to actually open in theaters. However, the actor and his son are clearly looking at the bright side of all of this. While there is a lot of negative side to the coronavirus outbreak, Diesel, and his son, point out that there's a lot of positive too. People are pulling together and working collectively to help each other and that's worthy of remembering. Check out their comments below.

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The clip posted to Instagram shows Vin Diesel and his real-life son, but it's the son who really is taking center stage. The actor is just a proud dad beaming as his son tries to get the words out, but he focuses on the ways that people are working together during this trying time.

And there certainly is a silver lining to all of the madness. For the most part people do seem to be working together, even if that means everybody staying apart.

Professionally speaking, coronavirus has not been good to Vin Diesel. His most recent film, Bloodshot, came out in theaters on the Friday before theaters closed down. It placed second in one of the worst box office weekends in recent memory. The film is now available for home viewing as a 48-hour rental. While it's possible Bloodshot is doing well as a home rental, we don't have the numbers, it will take a lot of rentals for the film to make up the business it would have done as a nationwide theater release.

Diesel's other big movie, F9, the most recent entry in the Fast & Furious franchise, was supposed to hit theaters this May, but the outbreak resulted in it, along with so many other films being delayed. On the plus side, F9 is one of the few films that currently has a new opening opening date. Unfortunately, that date is a year from now, as it's now set to open April 2, 2021. The movie was so close to happening that ticket pre-sales had already started. It's going to be a while longer before we get Justice for Han apparently.

Still, Vin Diesel has a smile on his face as he stands by his son who is touting the virtues of humanity. It's difficult not to be infected by that feeling. If every kid has this outlook on life, perhaps there's hope for the future after all.

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