Dwayne Johnson Is Still Throwing Shade At Kevin Hart Even In Isolation

Jumanji Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart out in the jungle

There’s a lot of serious news weighing on people’s psyches in this intense period of isolation. Some may be wary of the world’s woes right now, too distracted for business as usual. Not Dwayne Johnson though, as the Jungle Cruise star has kept his spirits high, his exercise habits regular and his shade-throwing towards frequent co-star/friend Kevin Hart on full blast.

Here’s Dwayne Johnson’s latest salvo, as well as some extra cute dog action, courtesy of a recent social media post:

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Much like his fellow Jungle Cruise skippers who are still staying sharp as ever on the internet, Dwayne Johnson’s snark is as strong as his typically impressive physique. Both attributes were on display through the actor’s Instagram account, as he turned a story about taking his dog, aptly named Hobbs, for a walk into a dig at how he supposedly carries Kevin Hart in the same way. Considering their relative sizes, it's a joke that also plays like a scientific fact, so well done on that front, Sir Johnson.

With several films together under their communal belts, such as Central Intelligence and the recent Jumanji sequels, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson’s actual friendship, and the mock rivalry that accompanies it, always makes its way front and center when they promote a film. However, with both actors obviously in isolation, and the movie world on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, there’s no new project to plug just yet. Though, one could assume that Johnson will be back on the beat promoting Jungle Cruise and Hart will be able to start work on The Man From Toronto when everything returns to normalcy.

So with all of this downtime ahead, it’s probably a good moment for Dwayne Johnson to take some shots, and for Kevin Hart to return fire, in an age where laughter is very much appreciated. And in an era of staying safe and sane, it’d probably be very therapeutic for the two action/comedy stars to engage in some friendly sparring.

There’s even a chance that, if they really wanted to, they could somehow take their trademark prank wars into the digital age. Instagram callouts are only the beginning. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart could very easily bust each other chops with clever methods, such as recruiting fan artists to draw funny photos of each other to share through Twitter, or even with Tik Tok videos of themselves mocking their opposite number through posts containing dialogue from their most famous films.

The sky's the limit really, so long as Dwayne Johnson is ready to continue throwing shade at his friend and co-worker. It only takes two to tango, and with Johnson offering his glib hand in comedic combat, it should only be a matter of time before Kevin Hart partners up with his dear friend, giving everyone the distraction they so heartily welcome.

Disney’s Jungle Cruise was recently rescheduled for a July 2021 release date, so it’s going to be a while before we see the backside of this cinematic waterfall.

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